Pushchair safety hazards that risk hurting your baby

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Your pushchair gets jostled and hauled and pushed around, so you expect it to last and keep your baby safe!

Getting a good pram is one of the most important things as a parent as they are what helps you get out of the house. It gets jostled and hauled and pushed around, so you expect it to last and keep your baby safe. In America, on average there are 10,000 serious injuries owing to pushchairs each year.
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Making sure that you have one of the safest prams is therefore really important. These are the most common hazards that Which? highlighted when they test their prams.

Potential choking hazards

Clips and hooks can be potential choking hazards for little babies and toddlers. Some pushchairs have features that little toddlers can pull off when left to their own devices. Check as well the covering of the bumper bar as this can also be a choking hazard.

Feel whether a toddler’s teeth can cut through the covering or the filling.

Handlebar Durability

When you buy a pushchair you are looking for one that withstands years of being pushed and jostled over various terrain. Handlebars can snap off after years of use. Which? has highlighted four pushchairs that failed their test which repeatedly lifts and lowers the handlebars up to 10,000 times, which replicates several years of use.


Overloading a pushchair can cause it to topple over, so it’s vital that it stays upright and stable even on a slope. Look for one with a wide base, and make sure to test it in-store before you head out and buy one. As a parent, it can be easy to want to put your heavy shopping on the handlebars, but this can put your child at risk and it could overturn.

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Seat unit detaching

Lots of pushchairs have memory buttons that are used to attach and release the seat unit. They are designed to be pressed with little force to help tired parents dismantle the carrycot easily. This can lead to buttons being accidentally pressed and your baby’s car seat or seat unit detaching unexpectedly.


Brakes are the most important thing that you want in a pushchair and making sure that yours fit your requirements is a must. Which? test their pushchairs on a gradually increasing slope to see whether it stays in place. If you are going to be buying a pushchair, make sure that you read the reviews beforehand!

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What’s your favourite pram and tell us why in the comments below!

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