“Radio 2 is more like Radio 1” says dad who hasn’t listened to Radio 1 in 20 years

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45-year-old dad-of-three Steve Boggs hit out this week at Radio 2, claiming it sounded “more like Radio 1.” The father, who hasn’t listened to Radio 1 for at least two decades, came to the shocking conclusion after hearing Ian Van Dahl’s Castles in the Sky played during Ken Bruce’s morning show on the station.

“Can you believe it?” spat the mechanical engineer, “if I want that boom boom music, I’d stick on Radio 1 and literally rot my brains with every second I spend listening. What’s wrong with Huey Lewis and the News? You know where you are with Huey Lewis and the News.”



Boggs, of Stafford in Staffordshire, pledged to write a strongly worded fax to the radio station, making his feelings clear.

“I won’t accept anything less than Ken Bruce and his team being paraded on national TV and being forced to issue a full and frank apology. Can you imagine – Ian Van Dahl on Radio 2!? It’s only just come off the Radio 1 playlist. This is dumbing down of the highest order.”

A spokesperson for Radio 2 sarcastically agreed with Boggs. “Yes, it’s true. Radio 1 only just took it off the playlist…IN THE YEAR 2000 WHEN IT CAME OUT,” she stated before calming herself by breathing slowly into a brown paper bag.

“You see,” she continued, getting into her stride, “Mr Boggs seems incapable of grasping the concept of time. Radio 2 isn’t getting younger. It is him who is getting older. I’m sure we have an explainer video to illustrate this, voiced up by Steve Wright and his wacky friends.”



The complainant’s children refused to talk to Dadsnet about the affair due to what one of them described as “total cringe”.

Boggs grumbled, “I refuse to accept that I am 23 years older than when that song was released and I shall be writing to the Prime Minister to complain. Yes, Tony Blair is going to hear about this and, whilst he’s at it, he needs to explain why Inspector Morse and a nice sit down are also becoming more appealing to whippersnappers like me. Why is everything targeted at the young nowadays?”

When asked about the incident, a Radio 1 spokesperson replied, “what’s an Ian Van Dahl?”

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