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  1. Hein Traag

    I admit I browsed through the article in between cleaning the table and getting my boys set for some Pat&Mat. In short I agree. I too try my best to raise my boys properly. To value themselves and other (men and women) equally. They too will be raised knowing how to wash their clothes, cook a meal or mend their own bike.

  2. Lewis Brown

    I totally agree with everything you have said. I’m with you on teaching my sons how to be a man. A modern man. I was never taught how to do any house chores when I was young. So it is my job to now bring my children up how to run a home, cook and be a good husband and father to the best that I can. Very nice read.

    • Charlotte Pearson

      That’s so good to hear Lewis and thanks for the lovely comment. I think it’s so important to know that even when that hasn’t been our own experience we can change that for our children.

  3. Tom Cox

    This is lovely to hear, and i am raising my boy the same way. With two dads, he will instantly know all families come in different shapes and sizes. I want him to know men can do anything and everything, just like his dads. But he also has such strong, hands on women in his life too. A great balance! Thanks for sharing!

    • Charlotte Pearson

      It’s so wonderful to hear that Tom – he sounds like he has a wonderful balance, what a lucky boy he is :) Thanks for the lovely comment

  4. Shane Hamilton

    I love what you have written Charlotte. But I concerned by the lack of comments about your daughter and how you ask her or heard her talk about her opinion on boys. I am sure you are teaching her the same values about boys being equally valuable parents and not expected to just be walking pay packets or rejected parents after divorce.
    I believe in many of the values you stated. I have 2 sons and a daughter. My wife does the cooking and I do the washing and ironing and quite a lot of cleaning. We dont do mums jobs and dad jobs. But it always concerns me when we focus on boys upbringing as if there is a problem..
    Good luck with raising your wonderful family

    • Charlotte Pearson

      Shane – I was asked to focus on males for the purpose of writing for TheDadsNet so that is what I did on this occasion. I bring my daughter up in the same way. She knows girls can do everything boys can do and she does so with great gusto. She views boys as her equals and she encourages friends of hers to be the same.

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