Realisation about Vans logo has left people mindblown

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Most of us know what the Vans logo looks like, right?

They’ve been around for a long time and no doubt, we’ve all seen it.

It’s basically just ‘VANS’ but the V has a long line going along the top of the other letters, usually seen on the back of the shoe.

But… the logo actually has a weird maths link and once you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to un-see it!


…Instead of just four simple letters, TikTok users have realised that the ‘V‘ in the logo is reminiscent of the ‘square root‘ symbol, otherwise known, quite fittingly for a skater-associated brand, as a ‘Radical‘.

@singingently #greenscreensticker ♬ Come On Over by Singing Gently – Singing Gently

With the help of a calculator, internet users have shown that the logo for the shoe brand is the same as the equation for ‘the square root of answer‘. On a calculator, this appears as ‘√ANS‘.

Responding to the realisation online, one astounded X user wrote:

“Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”

With another commenting:


One has gone as far as to create a whole scenario involving Vans and the maths equation, writing on Reddit:

“So this is the scenario I thought up when I realized this.

“A guy walks into a Vans store. The guy at the counter asks him what his favourite type of shoe is, and he blatantly says “Vans!

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” The guy at the counter can then say ‘Radical Answer, bro’ and not sound stupid.”

But despite everyone’s excitement, unfortunately the likeness to the equation doesn’t appear to actually be intentional.

According to the Logo My Way blog, the familiar Vans logo stems back to the company’s early days following its inception in 1966.

The OG version of the logo was created by the founder’s son who actually wanted to paint it on a skateboard deck.

When his father saw the graphic, he chose to put it on the heel of one of the company’s shoe designs thus marking the start of Vans’ large scale manufacturing of skateboarding footwear – what a great move. I wonder if he gave his son the credit!

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