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Reasons to LOVE January

Love January - Calendar

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Published on 09/01/2019

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE January and I think you should too. In the words of the brilliant Semisonic (remember them? I was a big fan back in the day)

‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.’

And boy am I glad that the end of the political shitstorm, also known as 2018, is here.  

Anyway, no more talk of 2018, onwards and upwards my friends – here are 5 reasons that January is a more superior month than you give it credit for.

1. The January sales

Remember all those things that doubled in price in December, only to be enticingly discounted on Black Friday and then hiked up again afterwards? The yo-yo sales of the materialistic Christmas period are over. No more knocking over someone’s Granny to buy a fridge you don’t even need. Peruse the January sales at your leisure.

2. Normal dress code resumes

At ease soldier, fold your Christmas jumper neatly and pop it back into the attic. Ladies – shed your sequins and tinsel earrings. Get yourself some of your normal attire in the aforementioned January sales and stop dressing like everyday is the work Christmas do. Normal business has resumed. This is not a drill. 

3. Time to start something new

Always fancied being a professional ice skater (just me?) January is the perfect time to take up something new. Jump on any number of bandwagons that are passing through the month of January. Dabble in sobriety for Dry January, ladies grow your body hair for Hairuary (it’s a thing – I saw it on morning TV) Try the vegan lifestyle for Veganuary (ditto) or just make a commitment to yourself to try something new. A new hobby for a New Year.

This guy took up paddle boarding with his dog, Barry. Niche.

4. It’s the start of a new working year

Calendar reset = holiday allowance renewal. Nuff said.

5. No more extra obligations

Being a parent is hard enough as it is. If, like me, you struggle to remember your child’s name on occasion then not also having to remember all the obligatory extra’s that come with Christmas (cards, presents, food, Great Nanna’s favourite chocolates) is the true gift of January.

December – you were great, like the loose cannon friend at the party who is a great laugh but you don’t want to go out with every night. January is the familiar friend who you can watch boxsets with in your slippers. And I for one, am very pleased to see her.

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