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It’s hard to know what to say any more. But we’ve shared our journey with you for the past four years, and so we wanted to make sure we share it with you now, even when we have no words left to say.

As I don’t really know what to say, how to say it, how to feel, how to express myself etc, I’ll just give you the facts.

After an entire summer of tests at the recurrent miscarriage clinic, at the begining of last month we were given the green light to try for another baby.

And so we did.

Amazingly quickly, we found ourselves clutching yet another positive pregnancy test. And another, and another. We took test, after test, after test. All with very clear, very pregnant lines.

But as always, neither of us allowed ourselves to believe it, in sheer fear that we would miscarry again.

As instructed, we immediately contacted the hospital to get booked in for the treatment, tests & scans they’d told us we’d recieve.

Our first appointment would have been tomorrow. But sadly, we wont make it.

We have had another miscarriage.

That’s 7 miscarriages now. 6 consecutively.

We searched for answers. There were none. And the result was the same.

Another miscarriage.

We know that we have so much love and support from those of you who have been following our journey, whether from the start, or more recently, and for that we’re so very thankful.

It makes us feel less alone.

But for now, I have nothing left to say. Nothing left to share.

Recurrent miscarriage is devastating. Heartbreaking. Soul destroying.

But this evening I will go to sleep, with the woman I love in my arms, and my children sleeping soundly, and as always I will try and remember that we are the lucky ones. Because no matter what, we will always have each other.




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  1. Tommy

    So sorry again guys. Life can be so cruel. Thinking of you all

  2. Victoria

    So sorry to read of this loss. Recurrent miscarriage seems so common and we know so little about why. My heart goes out to you all.

  3. Nat @ Intolerant Gourmand

    There are no words!

    Know that so much love and support is surrounding you both from all of us!

    I wish I had a way of making this better, and fixing this!

    Sending you both so much love and hugs xxx

  4. Laura Mckimm

    How heartbreaking for you to go through this again. I really hope you get the answers you so desperately need x

  5. Lucy Howard

    I’m so so sorry. My heart breaks for you. I just wish I could take this all away from you. Sending so much love. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  6. Georgina Cooper

    We had 6 recurrent miscarriages, our 7th pregnancy we got our son. I can’t put into words what that time was like, I came close to giving up saying I couldn’t go through it anymore and began to discuss other options. I knew if we desperately wanted a family we could do this, maybe not in the conventional way but if we believed it would happen we would get there. I wish you positive thoughts that you get the outcome you want even if the path is a little different xx

  7. Mark Chamberlin

    Such sad news. Stay strong, you’ll get there. Sending love from the South Downs.

  8. Anni Large

    Oh guys, I can’t even begin to imagine what this must be like. :( My heart goes out to you both. x

  9. Jacqueline Roberts

    oh no so sorry hopefully you’ll get answers

  10. Julie T

    Don’t know how to express my sadness for you. We are all sending the best of good wishes your way.

  11. Elaine Livingstone

    gutted for you, sometimes just each other is not enough, sometimes you want more, you are allowed to want more, that is the nature of a relationship. But I am glad to read you are finding solace in each other. As a mum and a grandparent I cannot even begin to know what you are feeling. love and hugs to you both.

  12. Tricia cowell

    My thoughts and prayers are with you

  13. Jody

    I don’t have the words on what to say I’m truly devastated for you both. Life can be so so cruel & now I’m starting to feel angry as it just isn’t fair!

    I know that I don’t know you but this has touched me I’m even crying because I know how much this means to you, the trials you’ve faced & are continually facing. You have such a beautiful family & deep in my heart some day (soon) I believe you will be blessed with another (or more) gorgeous babies in your arms

  14. Kim

    So sorry, our thoughts are with you all x

  15. Phil

    Brought a tear to my eye Al. So sorry for you.

    I hope you have the strength to keep trying for something you so very much desire and if you do, I wish you so much good fortunate and love.


  16. Roger

    So sorry to hear this. Take care of each other. Stay strong. Thinking of you.

  17. Random Musings

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine how you both must be feeling right now. Thinking of you both

  18. ERFmama

    Absolutely devastated for you. :'(
    There isn’t much to say is there – as you yourself have already stated. No words of comfort we can give you – apart from saying that we feel for you and your family and we truly hope that the time will come where your dreams come true. x x x

    “However long the night, the dawn will break.”
    – African Proverb – Hausa Tribe

  19. Lucy

    I know that this won’t help, no words will. But I’m so so sorry. That is so utterly, heartbreakingly shit, and I’m so sorry this is happening again. Sending lots of love. x

  20. Kelly-Anne

    Absolutely heartbreaking! Like you said there are just no words, nothing will help you ease your loss. I’m just so sorry. I do come from a place where I can understand those feelings that you and and your wife are going through, as my husband and I are going through the same. It so heaetbreaking and the not knowing why. Take care of one another, my thoughts are with you. xxx

  21. Tom

    Absolutely devastated for you both. I can’t come up with any other words…

    Thinking of you both at this time

    Tom and Louise

  22. Jenny Barrett

    Ahhhhh I m so very sorry to hear this. Things must seem very bleak for you both right now. You re such beacons of light for so many people and I’m very glad that you feel the force of the love coming to you from near and far and that the love you have for each other is as strong as ever. Big hugs, Jen XXX

  23. Kirsty

    I am so very sorry to hear about your baby. Sending love and strength to you during this heartbreaking time x

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