Relationship Advice you Learnt at Pre-School

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Here are six useful pieces of advice you were taught at pre-school that will help your relationship prosper and thrive!

Everyone seems to have relationship advice, from the lady at the supermarket checkout to a bloke down the pub! The internet is also full of advice, with many different helpful columns on how to keep your marriage thriving and sailing along smoothly. The best thing is that some of the best relationship advice has already been taught to you! Here are six useful pieces of advice you were taught at pre-school that will help your relationship prosper and thrive!
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Sharing is caring

In a relationship, it is good to share everything with each other. This can just be describing your day, to physical intimacy and sex. This need to share branches out into almost every aspect of your worlds, sharing items such as food, deodorant, and clothing space!

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It’s also really useful to be able to share your space with things you don’t necessarily like!

This could be your partner’s fluffy cushion or a lego model of the Millenium Falcon your partner made.

Put your toys away when you are done

Everyone makes a mess, but learning to tidy up after yourself is really useful in maintaining a happy partner. No one likes tidying up after others, so why should they tidy up after you! While this is something you certainly heard at pre-school; it still something you need to do today! Put away those dishes, help wash the laundry and tidy up your messes!

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Say you are sorry

Learning each other’s apology language goes a long way in a relationship, but saying, ‘I’m sorry’, is one of the best ways around it. People make mistakes and it’s easy to hurt someone, especially the one you love. Make sure your partner knows you are genuinely sorry and don’t use an excuse as to why you upset them!

Don’t talk to strangers

If you are in a committed relationship, then what is the point of talking to new people? You talk to strangers when you want to meet someone new! That being said, don’t point blank avoid all strangers!

But then, make sure that your partner feels comfortable with the people that you talk to. And keep saucy topics of conversation between the two of you!

When all else fails, take a nap

Sometimes it’s good to take a break! Now I don’t mean like the infamous Friends episode “The one where Ross and Rachel take a break”!

But everyone a nap can be so beneficial that it needs to be included in this list!
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Stopping to relax with some tea together in peace and quiet can be a blessing.

Honesty is the best policy

No one likes being lied to, and it can be one of the biggest killers of any relationship, but this isn’t the issue at hand.

If you feel that you aren’t being heard or listened to in your relationship, then you need to outline this clearly. Whilst your partner probably knows you better than anyone else, they aren’t a mind reader. Make sure to convey yourself well when it comes to problems like this. Bottling it up can cause hurt and upset, so making yourself heard on the matter is vital for your relationship.

What’s the best relationship advice you were ever given? Leave a comment down below!

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