Robozuna Action Figures Toy Review

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Robozuna is a Netflix Original animated series that featuring 14-year-old Ariston and his homemade robot, Mangle. In the series, Ariston and Mangle join a team of robot gladiators known as Combatabots while fighting to free their oppressed nation from the evil Corvus Imperium.

And if that’s not exciting enough, now they’ve released a brand new range of Robozuna Combatabot toys!

“The range will be innovative, inventive and allow kids to relive the bot-battling series in their own play.” Steve Green, EVP kids content and distribution at ITVS GE

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Over the last few weeks, Dads from The Dadsnet have been testing the new toys to their max – and when we say ‘Dads’ we mean ‘Dads;’ their children haven’t really had much of a look in!

Here’s what they had to say:

Robozuna Combatabot Fighting Figure – 2 Pack

What does it do?

The robots have the ability to fight, through the use of ‘toggles’ which control side to side movement of the robots arms. There are various items which can be knocked off the robots through hits, making for more realistic fighting.

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What we like?

The Robozuna Combatabots are easy to pick up and get playing with straight out the packet. They have simple and intuitive controls with fun features to aid in role playing with the robots.

Robozuna Mega Mangle

What does it do?

The Robozuna Mega Mangle is a larger version of the above Combatabots. It’s a decent size at 30cm and has poseable joints and battle technology; for example you can press the button in the middle of his chest for Mangle’s signature light-up eyes and sound effects. You can also change his arms to be a drill, welder or shield.

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What do we like?

It’s great that you can change over his arm attachments. This keeps the play interactive and my twins really loved having options to explore.

The sound effects are great and add a new dimension to the play.

The Robozuna toys went down a treat with the dads and enabled imaginative play in the context of what their kids watch on Netflix.

Also featured in the range is the Team Veredus Transporter – you know, if you want to go all in :)

If you haven’t watched it yet, you must. And if you’re starting to think about Christmas presents, here at Dadsnet, we’d definitely recommend you checking out the Robozuna action figures.

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