Ryanair Announces Significant Policy Update for Parents

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Ryanair, the prominent budget airline, has unveiled a substantial policy shift that directly impacts travelling parents.

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Starting now, Ryanair has made it mandatory for at least one adult to reserve a “Reserved Seat” when booking flights for children under the age of 12.

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This is to ensure that children are always seated next to a guardian or parent, facilitating a smoother and safer travel experience.


  • For Parents: When an adult reserves a seat, up to four children under the age of 12 will receive free reserved seating, ensuring they are seated adjacent to the adult.
  • For Other Passengers: This change means that other travellers may find fewer available seats from which to choose, especially if they don’t opt for the ‘Reserved Seat’ option at an early booking stage.

Rationale Behind the Change:

Ryanair’s decision stems from feedback and numerous instances where parents and their children were seated separately due to the airline’s seating algorithm, leading to discomfort and concerns. The new policy aims to make family travel more convenient and less stressful.

Ryanair’s latest rule change highlights the airline’s commitment to improving the flying experience for families. While it may mean slightly limited seating options for other passengers, the overarching goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of young travellers and their guardians.

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