Which Kind of School Run Dad Are You?

School Run Dad

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  1. Luke

    The working nights dad

    Won’t engage much but after you’ve spoken to him he will apologise for being tired because he’s just finished work and needs to get home to bed. Usually still in his work clothes and depending on the age of his kids, they will be hanging off him waking him up more than he would like.

    • Jim

      Ha! Yes! There’s a few at my kids’ school.

  2. Tim Crowther

    An uneasy, looking for work, ‘cool stay at home dad’: this Dad attempts to keep up appearances as he strides into the playground – all showered and sprayed, donned in his mid-life crisis Air Max, jeans and T-Shirt. He styles it out and waves/ kisses his 5 yr old daughter goodbye and saunters over to a local, trendy coffee shop – laptop tucked neatly away in a Shoulder bag. He casually grabs a coffee and sets himself up at a table…. then spends the next few hours desperately trying to figure out life…. what’s next… what’s his purpose on this planet…

    • Jim

      Hang on, that could actually be me. Freelance dad is very similar.

  3. Dan

    I didn’t wear lycra, but I’ve been guilty on wear a wetsuit/t-shirt surfer type combo. ( We do live very close to the beach, but i see now i must have looked a right daft sod)

    • Jim

      This is extremely disappointing.

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