Schools are prepared to move online in the New Year as cases of Omicron rise

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Parents may be getting flashbacks to this time last year as ministers are insisting that all schools in England will open in January, while other politicians warn they may not.

Schools across the UK say they are prepared to switch to online learning if they have to next term, as more children stay at home because of Covid.

With omicron on the rise, more and more schools across the UK are saying that they are preparing in case they have to switch to online learning next term.

Children are being asked to take home laptops before the Christmas holidays in case the government places the country into lockdown again.

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The government has said that it is committed to ensuring that schools in England stay open in January and that UK schools have been advised to reopen next term.  The government has been planning for numerous scenarios, such as remote learning, and teaching in bubbles with staggered start and finish times.

On Thursday 9 December in England, there were 236,000 pupils out of schools for Covis related reasons.

At one trust in London, teachers are making sure that everything they plan to teach on the first week of the term can be taught remotely.

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Some schools in Wales have already moved to online learning and some schools have been struggling as 25% of their staff are absent.  

Currently, schools require children to take regular LFT tests to ensure that there isn’t the transmission of Covid, but Omicron seems to be very virulent.

Do you think that schools will be remote learning in January?  Let us know in the comment section.

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