Should we scrap logos to reduce the cost of school uniform?

cost of school uniform

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The cost of school uniform could come down in Wales, after a minister proposed scrapping logos on them. Welsh education minister Jeremy Miles has announced a consultation on proposals to make school uniforms more affordable. But should this spread across the UK?

We take a look at the benefits of getting rid of logos on school uniforms and what the options are for schools.

Benefits of scrapping school uniform logos

The main benefit of getting rid of logos is that families would have the option to purchase uniform at cheaper costs from a retailer of their choice. In addition to reducing the cost of school uniform, it would ease the pressure on supply too. Taking schools away from single supplier contracts means that families can order from anywhere that stocks the correct colour jumper, blazer, PE kit or other items.

Negatives of scrapping school uniform logos

Many schools claim that their single supplier contracts allow them to offer better value on some items. They are also worried that unbranded garments would lead to inequality between pupils in terms of the quality and price point of the uniform they will wear.

cost of school uniform

Options for getting rid of logos

The consultation will look into the best ways to implement the policy, including whether schools should have no logo at all or use iron on logos available free of charge. It will also look into single supplier contracts and whether they work well for families.

The Welsh government wants parents, carers, pupils, governors, teachers and uniform suppliers to have their say on the topic. It will also consider recycling and exchange schemes to help reduce the cost of school uniform.

The consultation will run until the end of November.


Will scrapping logos reduce the cost of school uniform? Have your say below in the Comments


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