hilarious honest tweets about screen time

Screen Time: 27 Hilarious Tweets From Honest Parents About Screen Time

Screen time hits the news again this morning with some ground-breaking advice from UK’s four chief medical officers

Parents have been advised to discourage the use electronic devices at dinner.

This was shortly followed by even more earth-shattering guidance that children should take a break from screen time every 2 hours.

2 hours!

It might just be me, but surely this is getting ridiculous. Are we honestly saying that we have to recommend to parents that children shouldn’t use electronic devices at dinner and that every 2 hours they should take a break?

Screen time certainly has its place in the skilled art of parenting. As these 27 tweets from the honest parents among us show…

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  • Let’s give ourselves a break here.
    Screen time to some people doesn’t exist. It’s just time. Their kids rot in their rooms for days on end playing Fortnight. I think so long as you still say hello when they pop downstairs to raid your wallet, fridge and sanity then you’re parenting with the best of them.

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