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Sean: “WW has changed my life”

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Family man Sean shares his WW journey and how it’s changed him as a

Family man Sean shares his WW journey and how it’s changed him as a father.

Hey everybody, my name is Sean (@tattooguy_does_ww) and I started my WW journey on New Year’s Day in 2018. I’ve been with my wife Rachel for just over 15 years, and we will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary this year. We have two wonderful boys, Joshua who’s 6 and my sous-chef in the kitchen, and Jacob who’s 2 and can sniff out a chocolate biscuit from anywhere.

Being so tall, I’ve always been the ‘big’ guy in the group. But it wasn’t until stepping on a scale on New Year’s in 2018, that I realised how heavy I was. Knocking on the door of 20st, I knew a change had to be made. A family member recommended WW and I haven’t look back since. My goal weight is 16st and I’ve lost 3.5 of the 4st I want to lose to date. I went from being on Freestyle™ to the Blue plan on myWW™ as there wasn’t much change, and that plan was and is still working for me. I have been tempted to try Green or Purple as it’s great to have options, but whenever I have a bad week, it’s normally down to my own discipline and not the plan.

Our initial home routine did not change too much when first going onto WW. We would always aim to eat together, with everyone eating the same meal. But the WW programme has given us far more variety than I could ever have imagined. From fakeaways to roast dinners, WW has it all! The family favourite in our house is the chicken sausage & cherry tomato pasta. I use to rely on extra portions of this one, but now both the boys eat a full portion each, which is probably better for me!

One of the best things WW has given me is access to hundreds of easy recipes, which means I can cook a whole bunch of yummy dishes with my eldest son, Joshua. He’s tried his hand at most things with me in the kitchen now. His favourite things to make are a banana bread loaf and the bacon, egg and tomato tart (puddings will always be his go-to though – not sure where he gets that from!).



When it comes to Father’s Day, the first thing on the agenda is a lie in. I don’t get many of them nowadays, so it’s good to bank one every now and again. Breakfast is usually waiting for me, which is always great. We always aim to do something, although with everything that’s going on at the moment, a nice walk somewhere is likely to be on the cards. But the Sunday roast is my domain, so that will finish the day off nicely!

But it isn’t all about the food. Being on WW has not only made me re-evaluate my choices when it comes to food, it has also encouraged me to make other healthier choices. I now exercise more now too. It’s mostly running round after two small children, but it does feel like enough exercise sometimes. I also like to get out and cycle where possible. Having more energy and less weight to carry around means I don’t get as tired so quickly when I’m out playing  “the floor is lava” with Joshua and Jacob in the garden.

WW isn’t just a diet to me anymore; it’s my lifestyle now. I can still indulge or go off-plan when those special occasions arise, but I wouldn’t be without it. It has so much to offer and has genuinely changed my life.


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