Share your little fighter’s fist to help premature babies

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Raising a fist to show support for premature babies

Dads (and mums) across the country are uniting in a show of strength for their premature babies as part of a new campaign.

Pampers have launched their tiniest ever nappies for those little fighters, and want parents to show solidarity by posting photos of premature babies. Don’t just share ones who are still tiny – it can be prem babies who have grown up into little monsters too!

Just upload your photo to social media using the hashtag #powerofbabies and the nappy company promises to give £1 to the premature baby charity Bliss for every picture.

Pampers makers P&G will also be donating three million of its smallest nappies to UK hospitals’ neonatal units so every premature baby has free nappies.

Caroline Lee-Davey, CEO of Bliss said, “We were thrilled to hear about the new range of Pampers nappies for premature babies, which will make a real difference to the lives of babies and those that care for them.

“Caring for such a small and fragile baby can be daunting, but Bliss knows that getting families more actively involved in caring for their premature baby aids development, creates valuable bonding time and helps babies get better faster. The nappy change is one way parents can take a lead and nappies that are fit for purpose will make this so much easier.”

Nappies for premature babies

Ian Morley, commercial director at P&G, said: “The happy and healthy development of every baby, including the tiniest little fighters, is our priority.

“That is why when nurses asked us to design a nappy for the most vulnerable babies, we rose to the challenge.”

Pampers Preemie Protection nappies are available in sizes:
• P1 (for babies weighing <5lb/ 2.7kg)
• P2 (for babies weighing <4lb/ 1.8kg)
• P3 (for babies weighing <1.8lb/ 0.8kg)

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  1. Isaac

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve just posted (insta) one of my favourite pictures of the little man at about 3mths. Looks like a right little boxer. #powerofbabies

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