Shaving…. ggggrrrrr!

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I think you can guess from the title of this post, I am not a fan of shaving

When I say I hate it, I really hate it…. a lot!  If I could I would probably never shave again and just keep growing a big old beard, but then I would probably have clients look at me like I had lost my marbles!


I think some people are in the same camp as me, in fact some hated it so much that they created a trend, and now all the hipsters have beards!  Sadly I fall under the category of individuals who grow a rubbish beard!

I don’t mean that it takes for ever, I mean it grows but thin and patchy!  Another think I I also begrudge paying the extortionate cost of mediocre blades!   They are about £14 for a pack of three or four.

Then along came Bearded Colonel, a subscription razor service.  I have to admit I was skepitcal at first, I thought a razor is a razor, what is going to be different?

I am pleased to say that I had no right to be skeptical, the razor that are provided by Bearded Colonel are very sharp and give a great shave! They have 5 seriously sharp blades toped by an aloe vera strip to help with the shave, I am probably going into a bit much detail but for some reason my chin is sensitve when I shave and its uncomfortable when doing so, I have tried numerous types of razors and different brands.  However, for the first time I can remember it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest with the Bearded Colonel razors!  In my eyes this is a big thing for me!

IMG_0725Bearded Colonel is a subscription service, and it works in a very simple way.

You can subscribe to receive 4 fresh blades every month, 2 months or 3 months whatever you is appropriate to your shaving regime, hairy beast or not!

I can testify the blades are excellent quality and am considering signing up.  The fee is currently £10 per order but when you consider the cost of branded razors this is not to bad! Having looked around there are some cheaper subscription services but also some more expensive ones!

This has made me think about where I get my blades from and have I been suckered into the marketing of the bigger brands for to long?



Maybe a razor subscription isn’t your thing. If not, we’ve compiled a quick table of some of the best value electric & wet shave razors on the market.

[table caption=”Best Value Razors” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|250|400″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
no,Razor,Price,Best Place to Buy
1,Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Shaver,£149.99,Boots
2,Philips AquaTouch AT899,£44.99,Amazon
3,Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Razor,£22,Boots
4,Braun Series 5 5040 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver,£99.99,Boots
5,Philips SHAVER Series 9000 with SmartClick precision,£200.57,Amazon
6,Remington MS5120 Titanium Triple Foil Electric Shaver,£49.99,Boots
7,Remington XR1370 HyperFlex Pro Electric shaver,£45.99,Amazon
8,Gillette Sensor Excel Men’s Razor,£6.99,Boots

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  1. Thomas Spencer

    I have used a double edged razor for a long time, then tried gillette fusion. The results were extraordinary. The cartridge was so much better than the D. E. razor. Just signed up for the bearded colonel. Looks promising. I actually love shaving. A little bit of me time

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