Sheer Excitement

So, welcome to The Dad Network. The blog where dads can have a voice, speak to other like minded dads and ask questions playing on our minds.

I feel like I should start off the blog by sharing my situation. I recently found out that my wife is pregnant. We have been trying for months and had many set backs (which I will write about soon) and yet here I am in the lucky and fortunate position to be preparing for my child to be born.

I must say, I am VERY excited. It’s important that us dads get excited, especially as it is such an exciting thing happening in our lives. Does anyone else feel excited? I mean, there are so many other emotions going on as well… fear, inadequacies, confusion, worry etc etc… but I try to pause and enjoy the excitement emotion.

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Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.
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