should tickling children be illegal

Should Tickling Children Be Made Illegal?

Dad of 2, Russel Brand was in the headlines last year for his less-than-helpful claim of being a ‘hands-off’ dad.

So it’s no real surprise that he has also been calling for a ban on tickling children after saying that it’s an invasion of their personal space.

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He actually went as far as saying that he would happily ‘punch’ anyone who tickled his daughters stating that it ‘violates their bodily autonomy’.

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But what do you think? Have your say below:

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  • Chris Marchant 8th February 2019 Reply

    No! It’s as ridiculous as the person saying we need the child’s consent to change its nappy! I agree that some people take tickling to far. I always tickle a bit then stop and if my daughter wants more she’s actually says more and when she’s fed up she says no more tickling now.

  • He’s claiming to be a hands off Dad and then saying this? He’s not going to be taken seriously.

    It’s a great way to teach consent; stopping when they ask and asking if you can tickle them, it’s a great lesson for later in life, no and stop should mean just that. But banning it is a ridiculous notion.

  • Russel brand is a dick.
    Of course tickling shouldn’t be band its total bollox

  • Ok, I tickle my kids. They’re 4. Is it me, or does anyone else just get a vibe when it’s enough! Sometimes we share a really funny moment through the tickling thing but other times I get the vibe that they want to be tickled (Or sometimes they just say something like ‘Daddy, don’t,’ at which point I will always stop straight away- we are teaching them that if people say no then we should stop).
    I go carefully tickling my nieces/nephews because I don’t have the same bond with them. I have tickled them and would again but it’s always been initiated by them and would always be subject to reading the ‘vibe’ carefully and stopping immediately if they asked me to.
    The next step is tickling other people’s kids. Maybe it’s a sad reflection of my social life that I’m not sufficiently close to any of my friends to consider this OK? Whatever, I just wouldn’t. The flip side of this is that I would definitely take others to task about tickling my child, even family members. If somebody ‘outside the circle’ made moves to tickle my child I would find that unacceptable.
    I think to some degree this kind of behaviour is already illegal isn’t it? Surely there is the same sort of protection for minors as there would be for an adult- if a stranger tickled my daughter’s mother I’m sure this would be, to some degree, assault?
    To my mind it’s all about learning how to set boundaries, preparing for later life. So I would be in Russell Brand’s corner- if someone continued to tickle them after they’d been told to stop, I would probably consider something a little more persuasive… maybe a punch

  • Illegal to tickle, no. Subject to consent as with other things when they’re old enough to speak, yes. (& no I don’t suggest a written consent form, I simply mean stop when they tell you to stop. “no means no” applies.

  • It is an absurd idea to ban tickling your children and I hope that nobody takes RB seriously as he defies logic on many levels! If he isn’t prepared to interact with his child/children then he shouldn’t be a father.

    • judge in grady county gave me a90 day no contact order for supposedly tickling….ha they even just spent $2,000 on a polygraph,i passed it haha theyremoved my child cause in theory i could bend over an show plumbers butt mom could in theory wear a tshirt without a bra hah 3 yrs now been playing with 18 lil girls who are child sex trafficking thru cps dhs

  • I totally agree with you milmillie.

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