Signs your partner could be pregnant

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Often as a bloke, it can be hard to work out whether or not your partner is pregnant.  You don’t have the monthly clock that tells you whether or not there is a little baby growing inside you.  Unfortunately, other symptoms that also show your partner’s pregnant can often be muddled up with PMS, tender breasts, mood swings, etc.

Here are a couple of our key indicators that your partner might be pregnant, and it’s not just another menstrual cycle!

Heightened sense of smell

When it comes to a clear sign of early pregnancy, the nose knows best!  Very often a heightened sense of smell and nasal congestion (without any symptoms of colds) can be a potential indicator that your partner is pregnant.  During pregnancy, there is an increase in estrogen levels, which cause nasal passages to swell and release mucus.  Scientists still don’t know why there is a heightened sense of smell, though some believe it may be to do with an increased blood flow, or an adaptive instinct to protect mothers from toxic odors.  In any case, if your partner can’t stomach the smell of things, then this is a likely sign she might be pregnant!


If your partner is feeling really tired and exhausted throughout the day, even on 8 hours of sleep, then this is an early indicator of pregnancy.  As the little baby is growing it takes a lot of your partners energy up.  Fluctuating hormones are also a cause of the fatigue as your partners body adjusts to becoming a hotel for the next nine months.  


This is one of the most well known sympoms of pregnancy, and is a common movie trope in how women know! The thing is morning sickness isn’t just refined to the morning.  If your partner is being sick at any times of the day, then this might not be a sick bug, but a little person growing inside her.


Randomly this is another sign of pregnancy, but not usually one of the signs you want to look out for! This is down to an increase in progesterone which causes the relaxation of body’s muscles.  As your muscles slow down, your intestines slow down which slows down your digestion.  So if your partner has been stuck on the toilet, or complaining about being constipated, then this could be a sign she is pregnant.


While cramps are a sign of the menstrual cycle, they are also signs of pregnancy.  While you probably aren’t keeping tracts, this could be a good sign if it’s coming out of cync during the month.

Peeing more

While this is likely not a sign you will be looking out for, if your partner is nipping to the loo more often than usual this can be an early sign of pregnancy.  Having to wee more is a standard pregnancy symptom and kicks in about two to three weeks after conception. 


What are your favourite early signs of pregnancy?  Drop us a comment down below!

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