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Silver Cross Wayfarer – Product Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 05/08/2014

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, ‘hasn’t The Dad Network already done a review of this pushchair?’ Well, yes I have – but minus the baby! 

In actual fact, I thought it would be really good to do a 2nd review of it. This pushchair is fantastic and very affordable, so when I find good products, I want readers to know about them. This is also The Dad Network and pushchairs and dads are like 2 peas in a pod – so it’s definitely worth giving it another mention. 

Those of you out there looking for a pushchair must consider this one. Add it to your short list. (Dads, you probably will have some kind of list.) I’ll run through the main selling points in a nice easy, dad way to follow. 

#1 At about 10kg it comes in at about middle of the road. Not the lightest on the market, but perfectly manageable, even for the wife’s tiny frame! The chassis is approximately 6.5kg which is even better, so using the easy release you can take off the body if it is too heavy with it on. This is because it’s made from high grade aluminium

#2 The design of this system is great. It’s sleek and stylish whilst maintaining the manly element of being sturdy and substantial looking. It comes in a range of colours, so if you loose the battle with your wife you could end up with a pink one! My advice – stick to black!

#3 This pram is remarkably easy to fold down, however, to do so requires both hands. That means you can’t do any of that 1 handed stuff. All you need to do is lift the 2 finger loops and push it downwards. Job done. 

#4 The chassis folds down quite narrow and can stand up for easy storage – something to think about and also means that it’s even more likely you’ll be able to squeeze the golf clubs in the boot as well. 

#5 Tyres are made from rubber so you won’t have any puncture issues and the brakes system is very easy. Green for go – red for stop… easy right? The front wheels also lock in place so when you’re cruising in a straight line it makes it a smoother and better ride. 

#6 The pushchair is so smooth to push, taking the tightest of hairpins in it’s stride. 

#7 The 4 way suspension is a big plus, mainly for those occasions when you’re crossing a road and bump into the curb on the other side but also you can share at your NCT man meetings that you have a pushchair with 4 way suspension!

#8 The shopping basket is huge which is very helpful, but it can be pretty tricky to access when you have the carry cot on top; a common pushchair problem. 

#9 You won’t find a better carry cot mattress. SilverCross have the best one ever! It comes with the carrycot and a reversible seat. With adaptors, it can also take a car seat! Bonus! 

#10 Comes with a cup holder

Here’s some numbers to make us feel more manly…although we all know that they don’t really mean very much: 

The Wayfarer Base Unit:
L94cm W53.5cm H100-107cm
Folded Dimensions:
L84cm W53.5cm H33.5cm
Chassis: 6.5kg
Body: 3.5kg
Carrycot: 4.5kg
We love this pushchair and highly recommend it so it’s no surprise that The Silvercross Wayfarer receives and official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 stars and our award of recommendation. 




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