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3 very important, idealistic words that go into the vital, lengthy and often traumatising selection process of pushchairs. In reality however, these words quickly transform and read more like this: 


You see us dads involve ourselves pretty heavily in this process and start choosing a pushchair that, more often than not, we won’t be using day in and day out. We choose ones based on the size of the wheels and the amount of suspension; who really needs off-road tyres? We ignore the fact that the average human has more chance of solving a rubix cube than folding our desire pushchair down. And then we choose the ones made from steel because they’re stronger, so they weigh as much as small elephant. How the wife is supposed to fold it down, lift it into the car, get the boot shut all whilst holding a baby is a mystery. 
As I said, it becomes solely about dads, making illogical and impractical choices. However… This common problem has been fixed with the arrival of the Silver Cross WayfarerIdealism and realism are holding hands once again. 

Having spent time looking at a huge range of pushchairs, travel systems and prams the Wayfarer really does tick all my boxes, as a dad. And the best thing about it, is that it also ticks the wife’s boxes. She wanted 2 things: light weight and easy to fold down. The Wayfarer does both, and more. At about 10kg it comes seems quite light. Not the lightest on the market, but perfectly manageable, even for my wife’s tiny frame! The chassis is approximately 6.5kg which is even better, so using the easy release you can take off the body if it is too heavy with it on. This is because it’s made from high grade aluminum, with plastic trimmings. To fold it down you have to use both hands, which is a slight downside, but it is remarkably straight forward which goes a long way to making up for it. 

With regards to what a dad wants, it looks sleek and manly, especially if you get in black. There are some pushchairs that no man would want to push around but this is not one of them! There are a few colours to argue about, I mean, choose from which is great. Its design is smart and compact with a lovely leather grip around the handle. On that subject, the handle raises and lowers in the common fashion and is nice and easy to position. It really is these small details that can often be a deal clincher and Silver Cross have clearly spent time looking at them. 

Practicalities: (Manly bits:) Personally, I’m not a fan of 3 wheelers so this works for me. This is where the impractical desire to have huge off road wheels is hard to resist. The wheels are small and actually the design is quite neat with them tucked right underneath the chassis. This means that when it’s folded it is compact, so those of us with small cars, it has a better chance of fitting comfortably in the boot. As I said, it does require both hands to fold down, but it is so simplistically straight forward (women proof) that you could probably throw the baby up in the air, fold it down and have enough time to catch the baby on the way down. (That isn’t a recommendation.) The tyres are rubber so no punctures; again, this is quite hard for a man to deal with, but really it’s a good thing. The 4 way suspension is a big plus, mainly for those occasions when you’re crossing a road and bump into the curb on the other side but also you can share at your NCT man meetings that you have a pushchair with 4 way suspension! The chassis stands up on its own for storage when it’s folded. Really useful. 

Using these 2 finger holes, it folds down very easily. 
Pop your 2 fingers in the loops and pull them back until it clicks, then it collapses as you lower it down. Easy! 

Extras: (Girly bits:) The basket underneath is huge. I reckon if you had twins, it’d be fine because you could use it as the 2nd seating area. Joking aside, this is excellent because the more you can put under the pram, the less you have to hang off the handle and therefore reducing the risk of the pushchair toppling over. It basically means that the wife has no excuse for not doing the grocery shopping. She can take the baby in this pushchair no problem. 

Comfort: The Wayfarer comes with a carry cot and a reversible seat which can face forwards and the parent. They are reclining so when it’s a bit older the baby can kick back and relax whilst cruising: and it’s also quite useful for when they need to sleep. The carry cot is equipped with an incredibly comfortable mattress. I think that Silver Cross could sideline with selling adult sized mattresses that replicate this one! It is, by far, the best mattress I have come across in a carry cot and so it’s more than suitable for the baby to sleep in over night. You get a hood which can be fitted to both the push chair and the carry cot. It fits on easily and is very substantial. 

Agility: Setting up the Brands hatch like slalom race track in the garden was quite good fun. Ok, it was brilliant fun and kept me amused for far longer than it should have. Anyway, the Wayfarer is pretty agile and handled the corners I threw it round. It was on 2 wheels round the hair pin, but I imagine you wouldn’t pick up that kind of speed with a new born in it… You can also lock the 2 front wheels if you needed to. 

Another great point is that it can take a car seat. Either with a Simplicity Silver Cross car seat or you can get Maxi Cosi adapters. That means it really is a good travel system. You can have the same chassis and use the various bodies to suit your need at that time. 

In my mind, this is a great push chair. Great because it brings together a dads desire for a cool push chair a mums desire to have a practical and usable pushchair. 

#1 Suspension on the wheels
#2 Comes in black and a whole host of other colours to match lipstick to…
#3 Leather grip
#4 Chrome finish on the chassis
#5 Well designed
#6 Coffee holder included
#7 Very little assembly requirements which means we don’t need to have the “should I use the instructions” saga. 
#8 Fits in the boot of the car, potentially with the golf clubs
#9 Very agile and easy to push, which makes the whole pushing experience more fun
#10 Range of colours to debate over with the wife
#11 Having not tested with my imminent baby yet, it feels sturdy

#1 Lightweight
#2 Easy to fold down

Here’s some numbers to make us feel more manly…although we all know that they don’t really mean very much: 

The Wayfarer Base Unit:
L94cm W53.5cm H100-107cm
Folded Dimensions:
L84cm W53.5cm H33.5cm
Chassis: 6.5kg
Body: 3.5kg
Carrycot: 4.5kg

This pushchair system is excellent. It’s good to look at, good to push, good to fold down and lift into the boot and good for the baby. It’s good for dad AND it’s good for mum. It’s a great price (in comparison) and it’s well worth adding it to your shortlist at the very least. 

The Silver Cross Wayfarer gets an official Dad Network Star Rating of 5 / 5 


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  1. Ali @ Mum in a nutshell

    I’ve seen a few of these Silver Cross pushchairs, they were once the Bugaboo’s of my era. It looks so easy to collapse and with a large shopping basket is a mum’s dream! Thanks for sharing at #KidTested

  2. A Cornish Mum

    This looks brilliant :) In my current broody state of mind (I still blame Ted), this may be one to bookmark for future reference!

    Stevie #KidTested

  3. The Giggles Family

    We had one when J first came along. Loved it. Kindof wish we hadnt swapped now! Great review and thanks for linking up with #KidTested

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