Simple Friday Night Date Night ideas

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When the children are small it can feel quite difficult to get some alone time together.

It is essential though to make sure that you set some time together that isn’t just about being a parent. It might not feel so easy to do but try and put aside one evening a week where you and your partner can focus on each other to ensure that your relationship stays strong and steady.

We have looked at some simple and cheap date night ideas that you can work around home life either once the kids are in bed or they’re having their afternoon nap.

Eat Together

This can be the first thing you let slide as new parents (or even established parents). Grabbing something to eat, around the kids or picking at the kids dinner for your own is one of those facts of parenthood. Once a week pick a style of cuisine and while one puts the kids to bed the other takes a turn to cook. Pop a candle or two on the table, a glass of Prosecco and just chat away about your day.

Play a board game!

Switch off that TV and any social media and find an alternative – like board games.
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If you’re competitive like us then you’ll love to grab a board game and try and one up the other. Our favourites are the old games like Cluedo but if you’re looking to create a little more fun why not grab the kids board games and put your personal twist on playing!
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(Strip Hungry Hippos… whoever fills their groove with marbles last, has to remove an item of clothing!) Ha!

Get your groove on!

We love music in our household and on a friday we have tried to implement our own brand of going out. We get the kids involved in playing youtube tag and then continue and get nostalgic about our youth club dancing after their bedtime! Link your TV up to YouTube (through a smart TV or playstation), then sign in on your mobile phones.

Everyone takes it in turns to pick so it’s a shared DJ experience – grab a glass of your favourite drink and dance away!

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If you’ve got a date night idea don’t forget to submit it to us and we can add them into our next date night post.

And check out our other posts on date nights :)

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