Sit Still & Say Cheese: Taking Photo’s of Your Kids Unpacked

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Sit still, stay there, and say cheese, no wait – please sit still, URGGGGGHH! It’s blurry – why wont this child ever sit nice for a photo?!?!

How many of us parents have said these words?

Who are these parents that have these wonderful staged photos of their children in lovely places, with big smiles and clean outfits? They must have a pause button in their kids that I don’t seem to know about!!

Photographing your child – from new born right the way to the teenage years and their shouting for you to put the camera down – it never gets easier!

I have been taking photos as a hobby for over 5 years now and when I found out we were expecting our first baby; I knew he was going to be a well photographed baby! I wasn’t wrong either – 18 months down the line and I have over 4000 images saved and that’s not including every day snaps on mine and the missus’ smartphones!

We all live in this modern 21st century, or most of us anyway, but not everyone has access to a professional DSLR camera like I do.  But what we do usually have is that bit of tech in our pockets or handbags with inbuilt cameras and software that will help us take and edit our images.

  1. Starting from home is a good idea – especially if you’re looking for a more staged shot. Home is not only a comfortable environment for everyone involved but also a place where your child is usually most relaxed in their surroundings. Plus, you will be likely to have objects to hand or what I like to think of props in your home that will make taking photos hopefully easier and more fun!
  2. Start by finding a space in your home with good natural light and then set up a large bedsheet over furniture, or cardboard, anything you could potentially use as a backdrop, even a plain wall will do.
  3. If you have a digital camera or DSLR – then brilliant but if not your mobile will certainly suffice.
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    I like to think that the most expensive equipment is not always what gives us the best image – it’s all trial and error. Patience and practice is definitely key here!
Lewis 2Lewis
  1. Kids are very impatient so maybe ensure you have the makeshift studio set up before you bring them in. Take a couple of test shots with a teddy or even the missus so you know what you’re doing before the little models enter.
  2. Have a few toys to hand to grab the attention of the younger ones and as for the older ones, asking them to smile is a pointless waste of breath….get them smiling with your latest uncool Dad joke!
  3. Another tip is to have your subject stand or sit away from the backdrop as if they sit too close this will create a harsh unwanted shadow that even Photoshop pros would find hard to remove.
  4. Now its all down to you. Position your subject and start shooting away, you’ll be surprised with the results natural light can give you.
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  5. If all else fails – everyone loves an action shot – you know those ones where they have food encrusted round there faces and maybe a snotty nose for good measure? Or the picture is the best smile you have had from them yet – but there still in their pyjamas and it’s 2.30pm in the afternoon? So what? That’s real life and real parenting – we’ll just call it #aglimpseofreallifeparenting on our social media sites.

What are you waiting for? Grab you camera and start snapping! Be sure to share some of your best photo’s with us on our social channels:




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