Sleep-Deprived Teenagers Need More Time In Bed | School To Start Later

sleep deprived teenagers

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  1. Chris Bensted

    As someone who works with a lot of 17 year olds this is very true, though I have my concerns. The evidence has been available for a while, in fact I believe Hugh Christie school (local to theDadsNet HQ) has been utilising it for some time.

    My concern is how many great leaps in human history have been made from late starts and comfort? Are we teaching them the life skills required for their future development.
    Making late nights easier and acceptable is possibly not conducive to current learning and future productivity. There are also the social changes to take into account. How will it affect the wider community, road traffic (positively and/or negatively) or other areas.

    I will watch with interest.

  2. Mils

    Has anyone considered that the parents of these children, who currently take the children to school, will then not be able to get to work on time? The knock on effect to the rest of the population is enormous.

  3. Michael Ashley

    Not as a dad of a teenager yet, but a husband of a secondary teacher. Looking st this another way and not to cause offence to anyone! Why not think the other way an the teenagers go to sleep at night. My wife comes across several instances where they don’t go to sleep until 11-1am because of gaming etc.
    Surely this should be looked at the other way round?

  4. M.Reynolds

    Sleep deprived teenagers, whatever next. Down to the parents
    ,whatever age, If teenagers wish to be late, then detention, extra homework, stop molly coddling,I never had this problem with my own children,

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