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Smells “Lush”

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The wife bought a variety of various oils, lotions, creams and potions this week to use. As a man who very rarely uses any form of grooming products, and often even forgets to use deodorant, I have no idea what she uses them for.

One thing I do know, however, is that I came to bed the other night and felt like I was standing in the soap shop “Lush.” The potent stench of female products was quite overwhelming and stuck in the back of my throat. Do they make these products to deliberately offend men’s senses? I thought I was in the middle of Lush or the body shop or the perfume department of Fenwicks, which at the best of times I try to avoid…and now it was in my bedroom!

What on earth are all these different products for? Why does she need so many of them? Are they really all for different things? They say that it helps with stretch marks and help to keep the stretching skin supple and well nourished. Fair enough I guess but one thing is for sure… the windows need to be opened before I come to bed or at the very least she’ll have to begin the application process in the garden!

Here’s a link to the products she’s using. A far as I know, they are pretty good. She recommends them.

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