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Snoozeshade – Product Review

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 17/08/2014

I’ll let you in to an embarrassing secret… I’m an avid sleep talker (and walker). Only the other night I was referring to the wife’s best friend’s mother as Mrs Ferrero Rocher! This in turn keeps the wife up all through the night. So in-between feeding the baby, she’s still awake from me. Every morning, I’m in the dog house without knowing why and there is always that small part of me that worries about what I’ve actually said…

But sleep is so important, especially for babies. That’s obvious and I’m not teaching you to suck eggs. It’s a fact that newborn babies sleep for up to 18 hours a day, slowly decreasing with increasing age but even some 3 year olds still have a nap at some point during the day. You also get those crazy parents (like me) who keep to a tight routine with regards to sleeping. 11am arrives and it’s time to go to sleep. (The baby I mean.) It is the amount of sleep babies require combined with my natural desire to get out of the confinement of the 4 walls I like to call home and into real civilised life that presents an issue. The baby will HAVE to sleep in his pushchair at some point!

Sleeping in the pushchair in itself has 1 main issue: things getting in! A clever contraption made by Snoozeshade however, brilliantly counter acts this issue.

#1 If you’ve ever tried sleeping, light can be a major contributing factor as to why you can’t sleep. Believe me, I’ve put up curtain after curtain trying to keep light out of our bedroom and still it creeps in. The Snoozeshade does an incredible job of keeping light out. The useful taps around the outside of the material allow you to attach it to almost every part of your pram frame, thus keeping light out.  I did conduct a thorough test by engulfing my head with the Snoozeshade. It was dark.

#2 If you’ve ever tried sleeping…in a pushchair, irritating yet innocent members of the public is another major contributing factor in preventing sleep. Babies obviously attract people like flies round fox poo, and when they’re being poked, pointed, stroked, yelled at, prodded and any other general interference, they simply can’t sleep. Snnozeshade is like a force field that no-one, even old people, dare mess with. And the zip on the front was a stroke of genius because for those really persistent pesky people that desperately want a glimpse, they can have just that. A glimpse. A momentary glimpse and nothing more. Perfect!

The Snoozeshade has a few other great qualities that help with other sleep depriving issues:

#1 The material used is well ventilated allowing new air in and old air out. It also let’s out any moisture that may build up.

#2 The elastic edging to the Snoozeshade means it will fit round almost any pushchair. Unless you have one of those huge, Range Rover Sport equivalent pushchairs, you’ll be fine.

#3 It folds up small so it’s easy to pop in the bottom of the pram or a bag.

This product is a necessity for all people who are hoping to leave the house with a baby at some point. Trust me, you won’t thank me enough and I tell you, we swear by it. We would’t go anywhere without it. In fact, it’s so good that the wife and I are mid discussion about whether if I wrap myself up in it at night, my sleep talking will stop! This the ultimate tool to help a baby sleep when you’re on the move.

For those reasons, the Snoozeshade receives an official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 stars and our award of recommendation.

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