SnüzPod 2 3-in-1 Bedside Crib Review

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Sleep! Chat to any new dad and I can guarantee it’s a subject that will come up sooner or later.

It was certainly a hot topic in our house when we found out we were having our second baby. Obviously I wanted to make sure we had the right product for the best night’s sleep possible – so when we were given the opportunity to road test the SnüzPod 2 3-in-1 bedside crib, I jumped at the chance!

The SnüzPod is a sturdy but stylish crib that can be used as a co-sleeper, a Moses basket or a stand alone crib. I’d always liked the idea of co-sleeping but really wasn’t sure if it was for us. (What if my snoring woke the baby up? Or worse, what if I rolled over and squashed him in the night?!)

A co-sleeper crib seemed like a much safer alternative to having our new baby in bed with us. He’d have his own space so that we wouldn’t disturb each other but he’d still be within touching distance. Better still, if I changed my mind about co-sleeping later down the line then I had the option of turning the SnüzPod back into a stand alone crib.


The crib is suitable from birth so I wanted to make sure it was all set up and good to go, ready for the arrival of our baby boy. Putting it together was even easier than I thought it would be. It only required a one tool (an allen key which is supplied with the crib) and the whole process took less than half an hour. Initial thoughts Space is at a premium in our bedroom so the small footprint of the SnüzPod was ideal to fit alongside the bed.

When our baby boy, Jacob, finally arrived it was so reassuring to have him close by on his first night at home. I won’t lie, none of us got much sleep that night but once Jacob had settled in he was doing 4 hour stretches in the SnüzPod every night (not bad at all for a newborn!)

Key features

Obviously the main selling point is the fact that the SnüzPod attaches to the side of the bed. It actually fits to any bed as it has lots of different height settings and comes with straps that fix it to both frame and divan beds. The bassinet is also removable which makes for a familiar sleeping space that can be used all around the house (we even took it with us on Jacob’s first caravan holiday!) Above all, the SnüzPod is a sturdy piece of furniture that’s built to last. We used a Moses basket with our first baby but it was a total waste of money as he’d outgrown it within 3 months! The SnüzPod is longer than most Moses baskets so it’s a much better investment and gives babies loads more room to grow.


As I mentioned before, the SnüzPod comes with safety straps to attach it to the bed and prevent it from creating a gap. Other safety features include thin, breathable material and see through mesh sides in the main bassinet. The whole crib is very robust and feels extremely safe.


As a piece of furniture on its own, the SnüzPod looks great. It’s smart and modern with really nice design touches such as stainless steel fixtures. It comes in loads of different colour options (natural, eco-white, dove grey, espresso, putty, sherbert and blush) so you can choose one that suits your style. The build quality is superb and its distinctive look makes it really stand out against other co-sleeper cribs on the market.


The SnüzPod is a really practical bit of kit. It has a shelf underneath the bassinet, which is handy considering you lose access to a bedside table once it’s secured to the bed. You can also buy a storage pocket to attach to the end of the crib and store smaller items (we use it for nappies, muslins and wipes to save scrambling around for them in the middle of the night!) The fabric of the pod itself can be hand washed which has proved to be a total lifesaver (for obvious reasons!) The most functional aspect of the SnüzPod is the way it adapts to your lifestyle. The bassinet has handles at the top so it just lifts straight off if you need to move it to another room and if you want to open and close the side panel then all it takes it two zips. No clips, no tools – simple!


As well as the pocket there’s a huge range of other accessories available for the SnüzPod, making it highly customisable. There’s a choice of two different types of mattress, to which you can add a waterproof mattress protector, blankets and a range of stylish bedding.


Without a doubt, the best thing about using the SnüzPod has been forming a bond with Jacob. Having him next to me has helped me to be more in tune with him and I’m able to read his cues and respond to his practical needs a lot quicker. It also means that we always get a little bit of father and son time, even after a busy day. Having the SnüzPod on my side of the bed was actually a big help to my partner as well since she ended up having a c-section and needed more space to manoeuvre when getting in and out of bed. It was a bit of a pain having to climb around it every time I got up (in hindsight, it probably would’ve been easier if I’d got rid of the bedside table!) but it was totally worth it.

Using a co-sleeper crib has also made night feeds so much less painful. With our first baby I remember being up for hours at a time trying to resettle him but having the SnüzPod right next to me made everything so quick. It might not sound like a big deal but I definitely feel like I enjoyed the early days with Jacob a lot more thanks to getting a decent amount of sleep.

One unexpected benefit of the SnüzPod has been how much it’s helped our 3 year old to bond with his new baby brother. He comes running into our room every morning without fail and has loved being able to climb straight up onto the bed and lie next to Jacob. I’d always hoped my two boys would be close but it’s amazing that something as simple as a crib has helped to make that happen.


I don’t know where the time has gone but Jacob is now 6 months old! The crib is recommended for use between 0-6 months so I feel like we’ve given it the most thorough test possible. It’s still going strong and still looks immaculate despite constant use (and that’s impressive when you consider we chose the eco-white colour option!) I’ve been able to adapt the crib to suit Jacob’s needs as he’s grown which is why I think it’s lasted so well. I stopped using the drop down side at around 4 months and detached it from the bed to use as a stand alone crib at 5 months. At 6 months old he still fits comfortably in the SnüzPod and the next step will be to move it into his room before transitioning to a cot (speaking of which, it’s also worth mentioning that the SnüzKot has recently been released – another top quality piece of furniture!)

Final thoughts

So the big question is: how much sleep did we get?! Using the SnüzPod has made it really easy to put Jacob down after a feed so I’ve got no doubt that it saved us a few wake ups. Apart from the odd rough patch (usually caused by teething, jabs, growth spurts, etc.) he’s always been a pretty good sleeper and I’m almost certain that it’s thanks to the comfort I was able to give him in the SnüzPod.

It’s a fantastic bit of baby kit and I’d definitely recommend it to any new dad!

The SnüzPod 2 is available in store at Mothercare, Mamas & Papas and John Lewis, as well as a range of online retailers.

It costs £199.95 for the crib and mattress, with additional accessories starting from £14.95.

If you want to get your hands on a SnüzPod then you can use our exclusive Dad Network discount code ‘DADTEN’ for 10% off at:

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