Soothe Your Baby During Teething

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  1. Dan Smith

    I’m all for natural remedies but homeopathy is snake oil, not just no basis in science but science proves it to be utter rubbish.
    It makes me very angry to see homeopathic stuff being peddled to adults and even more angry to see it being sold for children.
    It also makes me angry that this “article” is clearly just an advert.

    • Al Ferguson

      Hi Dan, sorry you feel like that. In what sense is this an advert? It has links if that’s what you mean? But there is some sound advice in their too. Homeopathy has plenty of research behind it. I’m not the biggest fan myself but I wouldn’t write it off.

  2. Thurstan

    Homeopathy has NO medical evidence behind it. It is utter BS. Research done by whom? Sugar pills nothing more , quite literally.

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