Spooky places to visit in the UK this Halloween

Spook Places to Visit - Whitby

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The UK is rich with history and blessed with a host of fantastic old buildings and landmarks. And we like nothing more than to scare each other silly with ghostly tales of paranormal activity. It makes sense that these tourists spots gain a reputation for hauntings and that we love to test our nerve by investigating spooky places.

With Halloween on the way, why not head out to one of these horrifying historical places of interest to get in the spirit for the most terrifying time of the year? And yes, pun fully intended in that last sentence.

There are so many spooky places around the UK, there’s bound to be one near where you are. Take the kids along and get in the spirit of Halloween.

Spooky Places to Visit - Haunted House

Spooky places to visit for Halloween

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland: Known for its rich history and ghostly legends, Edinburgh Castle offers nighttime tours that can be both educational and spooky for older children.

Tower of London, London: This historic castle is known for its gruesome past and tales of haunting. Special Halloween events and tours are often organized for families

Warwick Castle, Warwick: Warwick Castle hosts Halloween-themed events with a haunted house, ghost tours, and spooky mazes suitable for children of various ages.


Spooky Places to Visit - Warwick Castle


Hampton Court Palace, London: This palace has a history of royal intrigue and is rumoured to be haunted. Special Halloween events and ghost tours are organised here.

York Dungeon, York: While this may be more suitable for older children due to its intense nature, the York Dungeon offers a thrilling, spooky experience.

The Edinburgh Dungeon, Edinburgh: Similar to the York Dungeon, the Edinburgh Dungeon provides an interactive and spooky experience for older kids.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire: Alton Towers theme park often hosts Halloween events with spooky mazes, rides, and shows suitable for families.

Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast: Crumlin Road Gaol is a former prison with a dark and haunting history.The prison offers guided tours that delve into its eerie past, including the stories of famous prisoners and the harsh conditions they endured.

Highgate Cemetery, London: For older children interested in the macabre and history, Highgate Cemetery offers guided tours that explore its eerie past.

Bodmin Jail, Cornwall: This former prison is known for its grim history and is often the site of spooky Halloween events suitable for older children.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow: For a slightly less intense experience, this museum host a range of exhibits that give an insight into the cruelty of the past, such as the scold’s bridle.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire: Famous for the Pendle Witch Trials, this area offers ghost tours and spooky walks suitable for older children interested in history and the paranormal.

Whitby, North Yorkshire: This coastal town is known for its association with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and its gothic ruined abbey. It hosts events and ghost tours during the Halloween season.


Spooky Places to Visit - Whitby


Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Nelson: Llancaiach Fawr Manor is a historic manor house located in Nelson, Wales. It has a reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Wales and you can take guided tours of the manor, which include tales of ghostly sightings and paranormal activity reported by both staff and guests.


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