The Story of a Dads First 6 Months

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  1. martyn

    What a great post!! It’s such a landmark as well.

    Although it has flown by the best thing about being about dad blogger is that you’ve recorded most of it so when you’re finally realising that it’s flashed fully by you can sit and reflect back.

    It is difficult for me to sum up the first 6 months in 20 words because each boy breathed about different existence.

    But sticking with the ‘first’ I’ll stick with my eldest.

    “Complete shock that I created something that could change so quickly; I cannot adapt but there is nothing but love.”

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks Martyn. I like your 20 words :)

  2. La Guardia Cross

    What an incredible journey! I’m inspired by those moments you create just for you and your son. I want to set aside moments like that for my girl.

    Here’s 3 months-ish in a 20 word poem:

    Her smiles outweigh her cries.
    Her cooing outweighs her…pies.
    I love when she closes her eyes…
    For 8 hours.

    • Al Ferguson

      Brilliant! Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Ashley Beolens

    Glad to see someone so enthused about their tiredness :) the life of a dad is the best, without a shadow of a doubt.

    • Al Ferguson

      THE best! And to be fair, the wife does most of the night stuff so I’m pretty lucky! Note to self *mustn’t moan about my tiredness when she does all the night feeds!!

  4. Kevin@doubletroubledaddy

    Great Post Al. It’s hard to re,member the first 6 months with the twins. One of them was in the NICU for the first 2. My wife and I were so sleep deprived, if you told me right now that we were taken by aliens and my sons were raised my wolves the first 6 months I might believe you. It went by so quickly besides. I’m glad you take that little extra special time with him in the morning and it’s become part of a routine. My wife and I trade off getting twins up in the morning and although I pretend I want the extra hour sleep that it being her morning gives me, there is nothing like walking into the nursery, and seeing 2 smiling faces, overjoyed to see their daddy!

    My 20 words would be : “These two innocent little human beings that I helped create have used these six months to steal my heart forever.”

    • Al Ferguson

      Sorry to hear that, that must have been really hard for you all. Fantastic use of the 20 words my friend.

  5. Mumma McD

    Lovely post, I love the goggles idea, will have to try that one with my two.

    The first 6 months was 3 years ago for me, but I’d have to say:

    “Although your dad and I made you real, you have actually made us whole.”

  6. Isabella Fairies & Pirates

    Aw, what a lovely post. I think our boys must be around the same age, as Alex is also six months now. It’s such a special journey, and like you say, their smile will compensate for any rubbish night or being constantly covered in puke (like I am). :-) Here’s to a lifetime of wonderful memories!

    • Al Ferguson

      I’ll drink to that!

  7. Louise

    Lovely post – those months really do fly by so quickly – six months is a lovely milestone – they seem to discover so many new things around that time – feeding, learning to roll, chatting. Precious moments :-)

  8. John Adams

    First six months in 20 words; “Love I’d never felt before, hard but rewarding work yet harder work still to come!”

    The first six months are undeniably awesome, all the more so if it’s your first time. Enjoy, but be warned I’m told it doesn’t get any easier until your kids are about 45. #BigFatLinky

  9. Papa Tont

    What an incredible journey the last 6 months has taken you on. Every journey is unique, but there are so many similarities that will resonate with everyone. (except for your amazing feats of endurance beforehand!!)

    I was fortunate to watch the first 6 months of my daughter’s life whizz by, but I desperately tried to absorb every moment of it, unfortunately work had a habit of getting in the way. I missed my son’s first 6 months as I was in Afghanistan and I both regret it and am slightly relieved I didn’t have to go through the exhausting process.

    I agree with you whole heartedly though about how amazing the mums are during these periods. My wife seemed to operate perfectly on a couple of hours sleep a night, I was like a zombie and then she managed everything by herself for the second born. Although one funny anecdote I have about her being tired, she was so physically exhausted she didn’t wake up for a night time feed (she couldn’t express so she woke up for all of them) little Olivia was screaming for her feed, so I used my sleeping wife’s boob as a bottle and fed our daughter.

    Can’t wait to hear about the next 6 months!

    • Al Ferguson

      That’s a brilliant anecdote! Does your wife know you did that?

  10. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    This is such a gorgeous post – those first six months are such a mixture of exhaustion and wonder – I won’t tell you that it doesn’t change much!!! It’s funny how you get used to the lack of sleep. I’ve found the tiredness now can sometimes be worse than those early days because we’ve got used to having decent sleep again so when we have a bad night it just messes us up! It does get easier in general though, mine slept for almost twelve hours last night :) #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Ted did not! He was up and crying for 2 hours…! I’ll hold you to that you know!

  11. Sarah Howe

    Aww this is lovely! I’m sure you are convinced you never make the most of it even with a million pics! I keep saying next time around I’ll make more most of the first 2 weeks as I was in a daze and this time should know what to expect!! Thanks for the linky too xx

    • Al Ferguson

      No problem. We’ll be here each week so hope to see you again

  12. Mum, M & More

    Lovely post. Time flies so fast. My little one is 27 months today and I remember 2 years ago when she was just 3 months, like it was yesterday! :-)

    • Al Ferguson

      It does feel like only yesterday he was still inside the womb! Time must go quicker.

  13. Emma

    Awwwww such a lovely, lovely post :-) Makes me all broody for another baby. Such an exciting age when every day brings a new achievement and a new adventure.

    Emma :-)

    • Al Ferguson

      I know, learning something new every half an hour must be tiring!

  14. El and Baby A

    Oh what a lovely post. Definitely agree there will never be enough time or photos to do the experience justice. Clayton & Aidan spend their father-son mornings the exact same way, must be a boy thing.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. I know, we love getting out and about or watching sports on TV! (Although he seems more interested in the remote than the screen!)

  15. Sam Thurley

    Great post, and so touching. What totally gorgeous photos too. Make the most of it is what advice i can give you, as a mum of a 18 and 14 year old it really does fly by. My only regret is that blogs weren’t really popular all that time ago how i wish i had recorded all their milestones. xx

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. That is a great thing about the blog; we can record the milestones in a great way.

  16. Paul

    Great post Al, agree 100% there could never be only 20 words to describe it. Also I find myself sometimes trying to capture everything on camera and maybe miss the reality because of it, damn camera

    • Al Ferguson

      Camera phones will soon take over the world!

  17. Mike Smith

    This brings back great memories. Those 1st 6 months with your1st child are so special.
    It’s unfortunately difficult for me to vividly remember those first 6 months. But in 20 words: I remember being so unbelievably proud of my son and I was amazed at the new love I had discovered I was capable of. (Oops I went over)

    • Al Ferguson

      Pride is definitely a strong emotion for me too.

  18. Touchline dad

    This will be very valuable to you in years to come. I wish I had started writing about my kids in their very early years, which now (owing to the fatigue) feel vague and hard to recollect.

    • Al Ferguson

      Absolutely – I wonder if there is some way of turning it into a book.… now there’s a business!

  19. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    What a lovely post and the first 6 months feels like yesterday and ages ago all at once! Blink and you miss it. I do wish I’d started something soonre to remember.

    20 words; never ceases to amaze me every single day with what you do or are.

  20. HonestMum

    What a sweetie, time sure does fly! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  21. Something Crunchy Mummy

    Such a lovely post. It’s so lovely to hear from a fathers perspective. The time does fly and the first year is full of milestones which makes it go so much quicker I think. Even now at 3 my eldest is doing things that melt my heart and I look at photos of him at 1/2/3 months old and think where has that time gone! X

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks so much – a Fathers perspective is hard to come by nowadays!


    Aw what a lovely post. I love seeing you hashtag cherisheverymoment on IG even when you’ve had little sleep or you’re tired after work btw -it’s so important to remember, especially when times are tough! xx

  23. Alice Young

    I felt really reflective when Amelia turned six months and feel the same as she’s going to be 18 months next week…what!!!! It really goes so fast so make sure you savour it all especially those Sunday mornings as moments when they stay still are rare as they get bigger. I started weaning A at six months too and loved seeing all her little faces as she tried new things! Thanks for hosting the linky and hope the next six months don’t go too fast!! X

    • Al Ferguson

      Me too… We’ve already had 2 weeks of it.

  24. casey grice

    Loved it. I truly did. I love how every milestone is such a huge deal to you. I feel the same way…and you’re right, you’ll never feel like you spent enough time, took enough pictures or made enough memories… even if you spent every second with them. Reading this gave me a nice trip down memory lane. Thank you. I’ll take a shot at twenty words:
    “Full. a heart overflowing with love. Melted. I never knew I could love like this. Joy. Blessed with this responsibility.”
    Good work Al. Thanks for hosting.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Im glad it took you down memory lane. Great use of the 20 words :)

  25. Anna

    There is no way I could sum it up in 20 words. You did a fantastic job and wrote a beautiful post. I love that instead of focusing on the lack of sleep you embrace all the details that make being a dad the best job in the world. Thanks for hosting x

  26. Rachel

    What a lovely post. The first six months really are the hardest and yet so incredibly rewarding and worthwhile! So beautifully put :)

  27. kellie kearney

    What a lovely post, full of precious milestones. That’s what I love about blogs, we capture and record all the special moments. He’s getting so big now. What an eventful few months it’s been for you guys!

  28. Kate Lister

    This is just beautiful. My husband will have to read this! I can’t wait to meet our little girl and enjoy all of the moments, good, bad or otherwise!

  29. Kate Lister

    What a beautiful post! Can’t wait to reflect on my own 6 months once she arrives…actually on second thoughts, I can wait. I definitely don’t want to wish that time away too quickly!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you! Yes, you must treasure each & every second!

  30. Martin Litt

    My 20 words

    No time, no sleep, no money.
    Immeasurable riches. Never-ending happiness. And the smell of the top of my girls head.


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