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You can now help support thousand of dads through our monthly subscription scheme. 

For just £3.49 a month you can help enable us to continue to grow, build and develop our local communities around the world by subscribing. 

Three reasons to support TDN

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Can I cancel my subscription at any point? 

Yes. You’re in complete control and can cancel your subscription immediately, at any point.

What will my subscription be spent on? 

100% of all the subscription money The Dadsnet receives from its subscribers is ring-fenced to build more, better and stronger communities of dads around the world.

Do Facebook take a cut of the subscription? 

We love Facebook. It’s a phenomenally powerful tool for the work we do to support dads. Without it, we couldn’t do what we do. Facebook will take a small percentage of each subscription. If they didn’t, they couldn’t offer this service, and if they couldn’t offer this service, we wouldn’t be able to utilise it. 

Do I have to be a Dad to subscribe? 

No. Only our closed network is exclusive to dads. Everything else is open to all and we absolutely welcome the support from anyone and everyone.

How will I get access to the rewards? 

As we use Facebook to organise our subscriptions, we will also be using Facebook to share all of the exclusive rewards with our subcribers. You just need to double check that you follow our Facebook page. If you do, we’ll be sharing content and posts that only supporters will see. 

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