This is the innovative Sucup for toddlers. It’s a device that parents can use when in a rush and their child needs to eat. If you like, it’s a new baby gadget designed to replace those annoying pouch food packets that babies squeeze and get everywhere. You can pop in any puréed food and give it to your toddler. The idea is that the child can hold the cup and feed themselves nice and easily. This is a great idea for those busy mornings or when travelling, but certainly not a substitute for teaching your toddler the tricky skills of manhandling a knife and fork and I’m sure Sucup would say the same. 

I must just say at this point that the inventor was awarded double gold for this product at the British inventors awards in 2012. Kudos! 

There are 2 types of sucup. 4+ months and 10+ months. Obviously the older one caters for larger lumps in the food. I was testing this one. 

I began my test by taking it out the packaging and following the instructions. Despite the amount of parts and even for my simple mind, they were straight forward to follow and set up/preparation was easy. It uses a unique piston system that as you suck on the straw or push it downwards it pushes the food up the straw. This is pretty effortless and doesn’t require a huge amount of suction. It also manages to get almost every last scrap of food out, unlike conventional straws and pouch products that leave a few stragglers behind. I tipped the sucup upside down when full and nothing came out. The lid was pretty secure so OCD parents don’t need to worry about mess. 

Mental note to self…take any pictures before use! 

I tested it with very lumpy yoghurt and the straw coped well with the large pieces. Unless you’re trying to suck up a potato or lamb shank, I think you’ll be fine. 

My only negative point is that some parents may use it too much and as I said, I’m a fully fledged knife and fork advocate. 

All the pieces came apart easily and it’s dishwasher safe. I would certainly recommend this product, particularly to have in the cupboard for the rushes, dashes and travels that parents experience, rather than a regular food dispenser to replace mum and dad. 

The official Dad Network Star rating is: 4.5

It’s well worth checking it out so take a look at the website.

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