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As a kid I was totally hooked on 1 particular story about a man called Will who had 1 pair of clogs. He loved his clogs and when they started to wear out, he mended them. And then when the mend wore out, he mended that. And when that mend wore out he mended the mend on the mend. And so he ended up with mend on mend on mend on mend on mend on mend on mend on mend on mend on mend on mend! And Will’s clogs were huge! 

Sugru is the same. It’s all about mending things. Their slogan is ‘The Future Needs Fixing’ and in all honesty, it does. I’m 100% with them on this. When something breaks, we chuck it away quicker than you can say “fix it” and buy a new one. I’m sure that if I added up how much I have spent over the years on replacements when I could have fixed it, it would be outrageous. My dad would be furious… he’s a mender through and through, down to a point where he will save the smallest zip cord, just in case.

Sugru is a small but powerful blu tac like substance that is useful for fixing nearly everything. It’s self-setting rubber than can be easily moulded into any shape you like. Dads, this is your thing. We’ve all got the Michael McIntyre man draw, but it’s a waste of time without some of this in it. Sugru is capable of adding grip & protection, modifying and evolving items and above all capable of fixing things. 

It comes in these small packets but you can mix them together to get a larger quantity or change the colour. The range of colours is pretty impressive and enhanced by the ability to mix them to make new ones. 

It’s so easy to use too. Using clean hands roll it into a ball and then mould it into the shape / form you want. You have about 30 mins to do this before it becomes a harder and then 24 hours later it’s hard and good to use. 

Sugru run a competition where you can send in your photo of your ‘Sugru fix’ and you can win some free packs and a T-shirt. Now creativity is thrown in to the mix! What next? 

The future of forming and fixing household items is Sugru. The potential uses for this are gigantic and as a dad, I simply MUST have some in my man drawer. I might even go as far to say, you’re not a real man until you’ve used Sugru to fix something. There’s something quite manly and rewarding about fixing things, in fact as soon as I’ve finished this, I’m going to hunt round the house to find things to fix with Sugru and if nothing’s broken, I’ll break something. 

Sugru gets an Official Dad Network star rating of 5 / 5 

As soon as you have read this, go and buy some, it has a years use by date which triples if you store it in the fridge. 

Now go! Go and fix things using Sugru! Go!


Don't miss a thing

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