A Summer of Fun: Great Activities to do with the Kids

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You’ll probably be gearing yourself up for the summer months already as you look forward to warm weather, holidays and of course spending time with the kids. As any Dad will appreciate though, the latter of these is perhaps the most important as your kids can quickly get bored and need entertaining.

So, to help you avoid the tricky situation of having fed-up children stuck indoors in hot weather, in this post you’ll find some great suggestions for fun summer activities. Better still, these can all ensure you score top Dad-points!

Jumpers for Goalposts

They say the old ones are the best and a good old traditional kick about is something you can all enjoy at any age. The beauty of this as well is all you need are jumpers for goal posts and to take a trip to a nearby park.

Treasure Hunt Nature Walks

On the subject of parks, the UK is home to a huge range of National Parks, each having a wealth of interesting trails and walks. Some of the best are the walks which feature a ‘treasure hunt’ of sorts where you can look for different animals, birds and natural features. This is also very educational as your kids can learn about the great outdoors along the way.

A Day at the Seaside

Another affordable and traditional option which is perfect for the sunnier days, is a trip to the seaside. Again you can thank the UK for this with its miles or beautiful coastline which are only ever a car journey away. Everything from sandcastle building, to splashing about in the sea and enjoying an ice cream together makes for a top day out.

Skate Parks

For something a little more extreme (and for older kids) is a visit to the skate park if your local area has one. Give your children an adrenaline rush as traverse the bowls, humps and half-pipes; of course safety is important whether they’re riding scooters or skate boards or bikes, so you’ll need reliable protective gear and equipment.

Get a Pet

If you want to play the long game so to speak and want something that’s going to entertain them for a prolonged period, then why not consider getting a pet? Whether it’s a puppy, cat or even a tortoise, the summer holidays can fly by as they play with and look after the new member of the family. Another positive about this is it can teach your kids about responsibility as you can encourage them to take an active role in looking after the pet during its infancy.

So give some of these approaches a try and you can be sure you have a summer of fun. Also remember you can tailor these to suit your budget and if they’re successful you can always do it again!



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