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When are the supermarket baby events in 2022?

supermarket baby events

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With the cost of living crisis really biting, anything that will save a little money is more than welcome. That is why supermarket baby events are so important.

This is when retailers slash the prices of everything from essentials such as nappies to those big ticket items like prams and travel cots. Many sales are there to tempt us into spending money on things we don’t really need. But baby events cut the cost of items you can’t avoid having to buy.

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And this is why they can make a real difference. The price of everything is shooting up right now. So, finding a way to cut the cost of those essential goods that need to be in our shopping trolleys is like finding the Holy Grail. This is why we have collected together both confirmed and expected dates for sales on baby items at the supermarkets of the UK.

These dates are subject to change, so make sure you check with the shop before you go or keep an eye out for adverts in store when you are doing your regular groceries. It will help you budget and plan for the next few months.

supermarket baby events

Dates for supermarket baby events


  • Argos – 24th August

Argos usually holds a summer baby event in August or September, as well as a winter edition too. This year’s summer sale is likely to take place from Wednesday 24th August and feature bargains from a range of leading baby product companies.


  • Asda –  2nd September online, 12th September in store

Supermarket giant Asda runs three baby events throughout the year and next is expected to drop online on Friday 2nd September and in store on Monday 12th September.


  • Lidl – 6th September

For shoppers at budget chain Lidl, Tuesday 6th September is the day we reckon the baby sale will begin for parents to grab a bargain. Lidl has an app that alerts users a week before the sale begins, giving you early confirmation of their plans for discounting baby goods.


  • Matalan – 22nd August

As well as running a permanent £5 and under section for kids’ items, there is generally a Matalan baby event four times a year, once in every different season. The next baby sale at Matalan is expected to drop on Monday 22nd August, so make sure you are ready to grab some goodies for less.


  • Morrisons – 10th August

If you are a Morrisons shopper and you want to pick up some of those bargain baby essentials, the next supermarket baby event should begin on Wednesday 10th August.


  • Sainsbury’s – 5th September

For those who frequent Sainsbury’s, the next big baby sale will begin on Monday 5th September. Like other supermarkets, they run promotions and offers on kid-friendly items throughout the year, but the main baby event beginning in September will see them slash prices across a number of different ranges.


  • Tesco – On until the 22nd August

The first of the supermarket baby events to take place this summer is in full swing. At Tesco, you can pick up cheap nappies, snacks and other baby products until Monday 22nd August.

Other supermarket baby events?

If you spot other supermarket baby events, let us know and we will add it to the list to help other parents save a bit of cash on looking after their infants this summer. Leave a Comment below.

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