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A wrestler’s advice on tag team parenting this summer

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By Jim

Jim Coulson is a Yorkshire content writer, video maker and radio presenter who blogs under the guise of Bewildered Dad.

Published on 04/08/2022

Over summer, with the kids off school for six weeks, it can be a challenge to keep them entertained. Whether you live with your children’s other parent or not, it takes a world of planning to ensure one of you is with them at all times whilst the other gets to work or do any of the other necessary jobs that are much easier  to complete when they are at school. It’s like partnering in a six-week wrestling match. Yes, it is essentially tag team parenting.

One of you takes the kids for a few hours, then the other tags in whilst you head off to get those reports written. A few hours later, you tag back in again to free the other one up. It’s a tough ask. But we have some help for you.

Who better to give advice about tag teams than an actual wrestler? #Jisherwood can be seen bounding around the ring, striking fear into his opponents on a regular basis. But he’s taken time out from his busy piledriving schedule to offer tips for tag team parenting this summer.


Tag team parenting - #Jisherwood

#Jisherwood (in the full length tights) in wrestling action

Tag team parenting tips

Share this with your partner or co-parent to level up your skills and get through the rest of the summer holidays. Here’s our wrestler’s advice:

1) Communication

#Jisherwood says “know when your partner needs you the most. If you see them in trouble, make sure they know you know and can be in that position to make the hot tag and take over.” This is important. Experienced tag team parenting participants have got this down to a fine art. It can even be as subtle as a nod that means “they’re watching a film quietly, I’m tagging you in to watch over them so I can use the toilet on my own without interruption.”

2) Run interference

This is another clever tactic to help you control the beasts. “Great tag teams use distraction as a key part of their tactics,” states #Jisherwood. “You’ll see one member distract the ref whilst their partner does something a little sneaky. This works the same in parenting. Never be afraid to use some underhand tactics in order to get the advantage.”

3) Teamwork

“It seems obvious, but we’re always focussed on ourselves,” says #Jisherwood. “Here we have our partners on hand to help out when we need it the most and vice versa. This doesn’t mean slacking off, but knowing that you can be in a position to make life easier when your opponent, or child, is making life difficult. Share the load, take the weight when needed and make sure you’ve got a brilliant, creative way to round things off and get that big crowd (kid) reaction.”

Yes, you might have set times to get work done, but if your partner needs help (multiple children in tears at the same time, for example), they need to know they can call on you and you will be there right away to help out. Tune into each other’s wavelengths so you can take on the challenge effectively.


Are there any other tag team parenting tactics that you have used? Let us know in the Comments below


#Jisherwood is Wrestling writer for Piledriver Wrestling Newsletter from Reach and Whatculture and currently undefeated in singles action in the ring

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