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Dads, 23 Things to teach your son

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 20/02/2015

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Ok Dads, 23 thing to teach your son!

I might not know everything there is to know and the boy might not fully understand why he is learning what I decide to teach him… But I’m sure he’ll thank me at some point in his life.

There’s something special about dads teaching their sons invaluable skills for getting through life. When I found out I was having a son, all the wonderful, both practical & emotional, essential life skills that I will need to teach him flashed before my eyes. Amongst other things, I could see the two of us calmly sitting on a log, pen knives in hand and me teaching him to always cut away from your body and to keep your fingers out the way.

There are so many things that I simply can’t wait to teach my son and so I’ve compiled them into a list of 23 things:

23 valuable things I think you’ll agree! He won’t get far through life without these essential things which is why it’s important for me to teach my son them! He’ll be fine now if he has to use reef knot to repair his bike so he can cycle to collect his car to drive to his girlfriends in a blue shirt without headphones in and gets caught in the wilderness having to hunt for his own food. Absolutely fine… And he’ll be polite to any bears that try to attack him too! #jobwelldonedad

What are you most looking forward about teaching your son? Or daughter? What’s the best way of teaching our children?


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  1. Kaye

    Aw, great post! I really need to put into writing what I’d like to teach Archie while he’s still small. Especially like ‘don’t wake your Mother’, that’s one he really does need to learn!

  2. LeahAndTwo

    This is a great post from a dad point of view, i have two boys.. im sure my 23 things would be very different haha #bigfatlinky x

  3. Ashley Beolens

    Some excellent ideas there (and love the style) – #1 is one of my huge pet peeves a wet, limp handshake is a hand I never want to shake again! Definitely something I’ve been teaching my boys.

  4. Kim Carberry

    Number 3 is very important! Don’t wake your mum up. lol
    I only have girls but there are all important points for them to learn too x

  5. Dawn of the Dad

    Lol! Awsome list. I think however, I would add, ‘never wake dad, when he’s asleep infront of the telly.’

  6. teacuptoria

    Great post Al. Number 9 and 12 strike a chord with me. I’ve been lost t walking in the lakes too many times to not realise the importance of learning to use a compass. I have also put together countless flat pack furniture items WRONG. I realise half way through when I actually think it’s a good idea to read the instructions, then I have to dismantle and start again….doh. Tor x

  7. Tommy

    Great. I’m happy for my 5 to wake mum up because she doesn’t live with me and wouldn’t hurt her to spend more time with these children. I don’t know if I’m one to read instructions but it does seem logical. It’s going to make me think now :)

  8. Janine

    Great list. Hubby would love this to teach Matthew. He is a daddys boy. :) #TheList

  9. Joanna @mumbalance

    Some good points here ;) I particularly like #3, though in our house it’s don’t wake your dad!
    I’ll have to show this to Daddy

  10. Adrian

    Nice list! Dont think I’ll be doing 2 or 16 as I’m the least practical man in the world but I’d add teach him to play the guitar and how to make a dolphin noise.

  11. Benjimawoo

    I’d add these 3 things (or at least I’m looking forward to teaching The Boy these):
    1) How to cook an impressive meal for two
    2) That responsibility is not the same as blame.
    3) What good coffee really tastes like

    Of course, I first need to learn how to fix a bike and use a hammer and saw. And cook an impressive meal for two…

  12. International Elf Service

    Totally fabulous post and all these are on my list for all our kids. Plus can i just add – i was walking home in the dark once and I saw a guy coming the opposite way towards me. The inevitable thoughts crossed my mind (it’s unnerving!) and he suddenly looked up, saw me and crossed over to the other side and carried on walking and then I saw him cross back over to my side further down the road.

    That was the most empathetic gentlemanly thing I’ve ever witness and it was so appreciated. Please teach your boy that too?

  13. BattleMum

    Great list. I’ll have to pass this onto BattleDad. However it will fall on me to cover numbers 2, 10, 12 and 22, while 15, 17 and 18 will be shared equally. We’ve already started swimming together.

  14. am herbert

    Brilliant. I love the fact you will tell him to avoid Facebook. Don’t wake up Mum should be the top of any list. Lol. I’d have teach him to polish and shine his shoes. My Dad always told me to make sure shoes were cleaned and poliahed , you don’t know who you’ll meet.

  15. Jasmine

    I love this. Should show to my otherhalf, see if he can come up with some. Probably couldn’t though!

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