The Not-So-New Method Of Teaching Our Kids To Exercise

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  1. christina

    Very true! When they are young, kids love to model adult behavior, so it is so important we show them exercise is important.
    As they get older it becomes tougher for a lot of reasons…the defiance of teens, busy schedules, it’s too cold (ie-sheer laziness).
    We try to show our kids the importance of exercise by regularly doing it ourselves and encouraging them to do it as well.
    Also as a family we like to hike, bike and kayak. Disguising exercise as ‘family time’ is a win-win!

  2. Caroline

    Great topic, my husband is a qualified personal trainer, so exercise is a very important part of his life. Therefore our children are growing up with a hands on view to exercise, they love having a little go with daddy when he is doing things indoors.

    • Al Ferguson

      That’s really cool and a lovely image! Tahnks for your comment

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