Ted’s Holiday Threads #7

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  1. Style Me Sunday

    Wow that is one stylish little dude. And he is just so cute and adorable. Thanks for linking #Streetstylesunday

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks for having us :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. I know! I want one! :)

  2. Kgomotso

    Holiday wardrobe is definitely a thing! Ha! I tend to top up things my son already has rather than get a whole haul e.g. I bought a handful of character t-shirts on our recent trip to Disney to avoid having to pay inflated prices at Disney. The wing commander hat is so adorable; I love statement hats! #streetstylesunday

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. Hope you had a great time at Disney :)

  3. K @ Eat.Love.Live

    Ted is adorable! Good boy for grasping the holiday wardrobe concept so early on. And what a fabulous wardrobe it is. I love sleepsuits with zips too. I get mine from Bonds x

    • Al Ferguson

      I’ve not heard of Bonds i don’t think. I will have a look. Thank you :)

  4. The Knott Bump & Us

    Aw you were on the Isle of Wight, not far from us! Hope you had a lovely time. I am loving Ted’s collection of shoes. Those Totsi & Bo moccs are gorgeous. What a lovely colour. I love how inquisitive Ted looks in his photos…he looks like he is always contemplating his next move! Such a cutie. I am such a fan of stripes and the Red mummy and son matching stripes are awesome. Hope you guys had a great weekend :) #weekendbabystyle

    • Al Ferguson

      Where are you guys then? We love the IOW!

  5. Emma

    Soooo sweet! We have just found out we are having another little boy and I can’t wait. The clothes are so gorgeous compared to when I had my last 8 years ago! I adore that hat! :D

    • Al Ferguson

      Congratulations :) Yeah that hat is very popular! Hope you’re feeling well :)

  6. Zara - Mojo Blogs

    The Wing Commander Hat has won the internet for today and possibly even the week. Mighty fine taste!

    • Al Ferguson

      Ah thank you. That hat is just brilliant :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you so much for both of those compliments :)

  7. Catriona

    His first holiday? How exciting! I hope you all had a lovely time. I love all his outfits, he’s got such a great style as well as being such a cutie! I struggle to find cardy’s will have to have a look on Gap’s website, although the deliveries quite high and we don’t have a shop anywhere near us :(. I love the photo of the matching tops!

    • Al Ferguson

      We had THE BEST time thank you. I love Ted in a cardy. Gap is brilliant – their sales are incredible. I’ll look in our local one if you tell me the size?

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