Teds Threads – Issue #3

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Another week and another bout of gorgeous clothes worn by the beautiful boy! I’m really starting to get into this whole baby fashion thing you know. I went shopping with the wife at the weekend and I was absolutely fine for almost 15 minutes! Things are on the up in this dads fashion world. In case you missed Ted’s Threads last week, you can find it here.


I love these Buffalo and Bear leggings. I’m what people call ‘outdoorsy!’ so I really like this jumping fox print. Always a winner to be able to match your toys to your clothes too!

Fred & NOah ACTUAL

Could he be any happier? Off on a trip to the park here. We love these bright Fred and Noah leggings and Ted certainly got lots of compliments on them. I’m not brave enough yet to match 2 different prints (how do you do this??) so I go with one print and one block colour. Agree?

Gap 1

We named Ted ‘T-rex’ from the moment we saw him on our first scan. That’s why we choose a first name beginning with T and his middle name is Rex. How could a boy named after a dinosaur not love these dinosaur print pj’s?Another Gap steal at half price in the sale too!

Papucci 2

Ted had been poorly with a temperature and had very sensitive skin. This Papucci outfit was perfect as it is the softest thing imaginable. Its made from 100% Prima cotton and was perfect for snuggling up. I love anything with his name on so their personalised range is one of my favourites. He has a personalised polo too as you can see below. Ted and I are often in blue and I like us looking similar. Here we are the boys in blue.




I love playing the piano to Ted and he loves having a good old go at it too. We made a few videos clips of him that you can see on our Instagram or our Youtube accounts.  I love this nautical top from Shmuncki and if you look closely he’s actually wearing the matching bib too. This range has a baby grow and matching hat too if you like to keep to a theme. He’s wearing it with his favourite Panda and the Sparrow trousers made from 100% organic bamboo cotton.

Sticky & Sweet

Ted is talking at the top of his voice in the Mothercare baby room! Again there’s a video on Instagram. He’s really starting to chatter away and I love to imagine what it is that he’s telling us! He wears this Nature’s Purest cardigan a lot as it goes so well with things. Here he is wearing his gorgeous new made to measure navy Sticky and Sweet leather soft sole brogue shoes. They are so soft that they don’t restrict his movements. You can literally fold them in half! They’ve a lovely neon tag at the back too.  The rest of his outfit is from Gap.


I have no words for how much I love this photo! He doesn’t have much hair but here it is sticking up after his bath and ready for bed! I bought these for him when Jen was about 3 months pregnant from The White Company, so I’ve waited a long time to get him in them- over a year! I absolutely love it.


Ok, so I know this isn’t Ted’s, but I don’t want him to have all the attention! Here I am sporting my brand new ‘Dads Don’t Babysit’ top courtesy of the National At-Home-Dad Network. They’re campaigning to raise awareness that dads don’t babysit their children! It’s called parenting… like the T-shirt says.

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  1. Hannah

    Love this edition of Ted’s Threads! Am I allowed to say I love the Dads don’t babysit tee the best? Such a fab message!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you Hannah. It’s great isn’t it. I won’t tell Ted ;)

  2. sian ellis

    Such gorgeous photos (minus the one of Al). He is defs the best dressed baby! He looks adorable in his pjs xx

    • Al Ferguson

      Ha! I was thinking of starting a new post all about me?! No?! You know you love it. You’ve prob printed it! x

  3. life as our little family

    He’s such a cute and ever so stylish. Such good style. Well done on the shopping. Wait until the day when he wants to make all the decisions himself! Lil G is at that stage. This would be a great post for Street Style Sunday. I’d love you to join in on a Sunday.

    • Al Ferguson

      He’ll start dressing me! Just linked up. :)

    • Al Ferguson

      It’s so annoying but rolls off the tongue. Thanks for your comment

  4. Ky

    Aww Ted looks great in everything. I especially love the dinosaur pjs. Your tshirt is great too, and so true, I hate when dads say they are babysitting. x

  5. The Knott Bump & Us

    I think I literally love all of Ted’s threads!! You know how I feel about foxes so obviously love the first outfit! The dinosaur pyjamas are fab too. Love the story behind them. We picked up a few half price jammis in the Gap sale too. They’re fab but weren’t worth the original £14.95! Love your tee too, it’s so true. I always say that when people say my husband is ‘babysitting’ for the night. Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you had a lovely weekend :) #weekendbabystyle

  6. Alex

    Love the printed leggings! Lamb has some from Fred & Noah, but I have yet to buy from Buffalo & Bear. Definitely on his wish list for next time I shop for him x

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