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Ted’s Threads – Issue #2

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 16/03/2015

This is my second week dipping my toe in the world of baby fashion and baby style and I’m enjoying it. Think you’ll be impressed with some of Ted’s Threads this week. I’m just gutted some of these don’t come in adult sizes.

Here’s what Ted wore this week.


These Fred and Noah monster leggings are clearly gorgeous. But.. they are also fantastic at keeping socks on. Socks drive me crazy! These funky little leggings are handmade from stretch cotton and really keep the socks in place. Winner!


Another day, another pair of Fred and Noah leggings. I love the bright yellow and Ted clearly loved them too. Here he is having a bit of tummy time stretching towards his toys. The leggings are super comfy and not at all restrictive.


Another gorgeous baby grow from Gap. More yellow! I’ve never worn yellow in my life (except for the Arsenal away kit) and yet this little man has rocked it twice this week.


T IS for Ted and T is for trained! You know what they say about blogger’s babies! Here’s Ted showing off his fantastic Rock It Tots Tee. T is also for terrific price! Can’t go wrong.

Natures Pirest FINAL

Anyone that saw the One Born Every Minute on-line series called ‘The Dads‘ this week will have seen me in the bath!  Ted and I bath together every night followed by a bedtime story. This bathrobe, from Natures Purest could’t be any better for before and after the bath. The tie is actually sown on so you can’t drop it which is a bonus. You can’t see in this picture but the hood has a teddy on it. Obviously perfect for our Teddy!

Papucci FINAL

Here’s Ted listening to me play the piano. We love to listen to music together. His leggings are part of a set from Papucci and as soft as can be and this lovely cardigan is from Nature’s Purest and has a little hood on with a bobble attached. I think the photo of it says it all. It’s gorgeous.

Powell FINAL

Ted loves his wooden toys. If I had my way all toys would be wooden. Here he is playing in a retro Powell Craft baby grow and Gap leggings.

Rockittots FINAL

It might have been Mothers Day but Ted decided to wear his Rock It Tots daddy heart tattoo tee. This is obviously a favourite of mine! Don’t panic, I’ll get him a mummy one too!

Ruby & Freddie FINAL

We like babies to look like babies and we love Ted to wear babygrows. Here’s a great one from Ruby and Freddie’s. I think the logo suits Ted perfectly. Boat race – happy face. The material is great too – 100% cotton and made in Britain.

Trainers FINAL

This image just gets to me. There is something about seeing my wife’s and Ted’s shoes side by side. This funky pair are from Papucci. They are super soft with a non-slip sole and personalised with his name!    There you have it, week 2 of Ted’s Threads. Which were your favourites?


*Some of these clothes are sent to us free of charge to review, others were gifts from our generous friends and family and others are just clothes bought by mummy & daddy. (Normally mummy) ;)

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  1. El and Baby A

    You are not helping my shopping addiction. Ted has a more stylish wardrobe than any baby (or adult) I know!

    • Al Ferguson

      Ha! That means I’m doing a good job then! Thank you for the compliment. I’ll be sure to pass it on ;)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you Marina, we liked the red too. He is so often in blue that it’s nice to try different colours. Thanks for reading Ted’s Threads :)

  2. Ryan

    Would you recommend the natures purest cardigan at that price? Or would you’ll recommend cheaper brands?

    • Al Ferguson

      I’d 100% recommend it. It’s hard to tell in a picture but the quality is excellent and its got a hat with a bobble! He wears it a lot and gets no end of compliments. I would def say it’s worth the price. He does have cardigans that are cheaper but they are much thinner than this. I haven’t seen another that is as good as this one. Are you on Instagram?

      • Ryan

        That’s great, I am on Instagram yes ryan.gratton

        • Al Ferguson

          There’s other pictures of it on there and a video so you might be able to see the quality better.

  3. Bright Surprise

    How, for god sake, you managed to keep your little one smiling and looking at the same direction?! We have tried to photograph some products on our baby girl, but that was madness :D we ended up hiring photographer :D

    • Al Ferguson

      HA! Ted loves the camera that’s all I can say! All our photos are just taken on our phones doing whatever we are doing during the day! What were you trying to photograph? Did you get good pics in the end?

      • Bright Surprise

        Well.. we run little online store and we thought it’s easier to just get our baby to work, but NO, NO! :D We have had pictures done in the studio by togs with a little pro models :D

  4. stephanie siviter

    Oh my goodness – he is utterly adorable. And those monster leggings – I MUST have. Not for me you understand!

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you :)
      We will def be getting more of those. I think adult sizes are def in order ;)

  5. Noney Says

    He is so cute! Loving the lehgings, may need to get some of these for my little boy

    • Al Ferguson

      Great aren’t they and such a good price :)

  6. The Knott Bump & Us

    Fred & Noah is a big hit on #weekendbabystyle – it’s fab to see Ted rocking some of their leggings too! They look like they suit his personality. I love love love the Baby Gap onesie. Baby Gap has some really nice bits in at the moment. I should know, I spent a good hour in there today haha. The Natures Purest cardigan looks absolutely gorgeous. I feel comfy and cosy just looking at it! Thanks so much for linking up with us again. Hope you have a lovely weekend :) #weekendbabystyle

    • Al Ferguson

      I completely agree they suit his personality! The sale in baby gap is just ridiculously good, we were there yesterday too and got most things for 50% off. I want the naturist purest in adult size, although without the bobble! It’s one of our favourites. Thanks for hosting and for having us :) #weekendbabystyle

  7. Stacey

    You got to love Fred and Noah – the leggings are super cute. I am in love with the yellow baby grow I want it for Jacob. I love yellow!!

    • Al Ferguson

      Great aren’t they and a really good price. The gap elephants? I love it because it’s zip up!

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