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Ted’s Threads Issue #8

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If I might say so myself… Ted is looking pretty damn good in this issue of Ted’s Threads. He is seriously taking baby style to another level and these gorgeous outfits are really worth taking a look at.

Ted's Threads Issue #8, BOBUX%, uncategorised%

These shoes are just wonderful. Made by Bobux, a company from New Zealand, the shoes are perfect for babies exploring the world of walking. With soft soles and easy elastic they are super comfy and easy to put on. Bobux have so many different styles to choose from, so go and take a look for yourself. One of our favourite cardigans from Natures Purest accompanies the sailor romper from H & M.

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Freya-Lillie sent us this gorgeous outfit and we love it. The colours are perfect with summer on it’s way. Balloons being the theme, they’re a nice loose fit which is perfect for Ted as he is now crawling round the house at lightning speed! I’m a huge fan of items that match and this outfit looks great together or as separates. He certainly received lots of compliments when he crawled in to his music class!

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Sometimes, simple designs are the best and Molly & Monty optimise this for us. A quality baby grow with some really simple, but stunning designs. The cotton they use is lovely and soft too! The books Ted is reading here are called, ‘That’s Not My…’ books and they are just amazing! Ted loves them and interacts with the various different ‘touchy-feely’ parts all the time. Take a look at them hereTed's Threads Issue #8, ir?t=thedadnet 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B00S4TE12W%, uncategorised%

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Another great design from Molly & Monty! There’s not much better than a night time snug before bed and this is a great baby grow for cuddling in and it’s so soft.

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We’re big fans of Supernatural Collections and have reviewed there clothing before. This time, we went for a personalised outfit. The colours are just brilliant and this just makes Ted’s wardrobe that bit more individual. I really like the lettering. (By the way, the car is a new favourite from a garage set from AmbiTed's Threads Issue #8, ir?t=thedadnet 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B00UIC0B4U%, uncategorised% Toys. It’s pretty cool!)

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Ted has been modelling for Panda and the Sparrow for a few months and we just adore the company and the clothes. Made of bamboo cotton they are so good for babies as they regulate temperature like no other fabric. They’re designed really well and are UV rays protective, which makes them perfect for a summer outfit!

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Here’s Ted reaching for his new clock (which you can buy here) when he should be going to sleep!!! Naughty boy! But his baby grow is from Zippy Suits and rather aptly has alarm clocks on! It’s a winner with me because its a one-zip do up baby grow – no poppers or buttons.


These are just some of our favourites- you can see more of Ted’s outfits on our Instagram account. Shout if you’ve got a favourite company or outfit that we should check out. After all, this little boy can never have too many clothes!

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