Teds Threads : Issue #1

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  1. Jim (OneDadOneBlog)

    I love this series!

    Like yourself, I openly admit to slinging on some jeans and a jumper or tshirt and “that’ll do”. H or D on the other hand…. they have to look good and I don’t mind them having better clothes than daddy.

    Ted always looks cool so I’m sure this will be a “cutefest” in the coming weeks. :-)

    My Favs this week are the Shmuncki romper or the beanie by Benedita


    • Al Ferguson

      Totally! I’d far rather Teddy had the good stuff!
      Thanks buddy. That’s kind of you to say. :)

  2. Sian

    He looks adorable in all of them! I particularly like the ‘Rock it Tots’ line.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks Sian, I’d like an adult version :)

  3. El and Baby A

    Oh I do love Ted’s clothes on Instagram so I will definitely be keeping an eye on Ted’s Threads :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you, that’s great to hear :)

  4. Doctomum

    I’m going to have to go all Essex on you but…OMG, he is adorable! Argh, now I’ll have to go shopping…

  5. Dawn of the Dad

    Forget the clothing, just looking at bambino is getting me broody!?! I know…WTF!?!

    I always want to see my little un in cool clothes, yet like you, I’ll just chuck on the nearest T and hoodie. Comfort first, and screw what the world thinks.

    I’m lucky I have a mother-in-law that loves to knit, and JB looks awsome in his jumpers. She is currently knitting a Benjamin Rabbit hat and I can’t wait to show it off!

    • Al Ferguson

      HA! Me too buddy! I’ve been asking Jen for another since the day he was born!
      Def comfort first. Lucky JB- nothing like a good home-knit. Look forward to seeing the hat :)

  6. Sarah Howe

    Aww ted is better dressed than ME! What a great idea for a feature. Think a shopping trip for me and my girl in order now! ️Xx #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      He’s better dressed than me too! Thank you, thought I might lead the way for the Dad;s out there as all the fashion stuff seems to be by the mums :)

  7. Something Crunchy Mummy

    Gorgeous gorgeous clothes and what a cutie wearing them! I love the cutie pie vest – and the beanie! So cute! I too am very fussy with my boys clothes and their wardrobes are full to the brim with clothes I’m sure they will only wear once but I’m obsessed with buying cute clothes :-) I love this linky because of my love of children’s clothes x

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. The cutie pie vest is a goo dun and I’d love that hat myself! Thankyou, I thought I’d see how a Dad coped in the world of children’s fashion blogs! Wish me luck! :)

  8. Ali @ Mum in a nutshell

    I’m the same, I prefer my boy in comfy easy to crawl clothes, his dad however, always opts for anything super hero! My fave was the eat, sleep… romper #bigfatlinky

    • Al Ferguson

      Nothing wrong with a bit of super hero! :)

  9. Kaye

    He is scrumptious! I love everything he wears and I’m the same with Archie, spend more time on what he wears than what I wear.

  10. Ashley Beolens

    I liked my boys to look good, as you do, but I would only buy a few things to make them look cool.

    My life changed when I had my daughter, I now constantly buy pretty dresses when I see them! I think I need some help!

    • Al Ferguson

      Ha! Maybe i should set up a support group ;)

  11. Sarah

    Oohhh that little boy would look cute in a potato sack!!

    • Al Ferguson

      Ah thank you :) (ps i did actually put him in a sack over xmas!!)

  12. Jenny

    Aww, so cute, love the ‘you rock’ vest and cutie pie t-shirt! :)

  13. Catriona Stephen

    I’m the same! I know nothing about the clothes I’m wearing but like my son to look good :) Ted has such an adorable smile! I love the way he’s dressed :)

  14. Single Mother Ahoy

    What gorgeous clothes! I love that you can get such a wide range of baby clothes these days so kids can have their own individual style. Great choices!

  15. J. Cohen

    I love the shot of you and Ted. Both very handsome.

    I have a hat that looks just like that minus the fuzzy on top.

    I really enjoy dressing our son (now 2) in sweaters and trousers. I guess after having three kids I’m happily accepting our transition from onesies to people clothes. : )

  16. The Knott Bump & Us

    I absolutely love the fact that you openly admit that your wife buys all your clothes. It’s pretty much the same in our house. I try to let my husband go buy himself things but he panics and can’t!! It’s like somehow, unintentionally, we have taken away your ability to choose for yourself haha. I am in love with Ted’s 1st baby grow with the sailing bits on it and the beanie hat – IT’S GORGEOUS! Ted is racking up a pretty impressive wardrobe and we’d love to see more! Thanks so much fro linking up with us :) Hope you have a fab weekend xx #weekendbabystyle

  17. Christy

    Love this!

    Mac grows out of his babygrows so fast so may have to check out ones with fold over feet, I didn’t know they existed.

  18. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    He is just so cute! I love making Zach look super cool! One of my favourites at the moment is a red chequered flannel shirt jacket type thing! Like the superdry ones! His daddy has one too and they look fab when they’re together :) #bigfatlinky

  19. Jeff Page (from Hectic-Dad)

    You are so right about (1) ease of installation of clothing on the squirming kiddo, (2) comfort, and (3) durability. Love the photos. I’m laughing at the silly faces Ted makes! This is a great idea to help parents (and grandparents) find clothing that “works”. Well done!

  20. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Too cute!!
    I love the You Rock! Vest, it’s so cute and the orange is a really fantastic colour, don’t see much orange, I do love bright colours.
    I love the idea of this, I spend so much more time and effort (and money) on Boo’s clothes than I do my own.. hehe

  21. Joanna @mumbalance

    It’s a great idea for a series! I’m not sure this will be one for me though. Thanks to generous friends with kids 90% of my son’s clothes are hand-me-downs or gifts, which means I’m not in the market of buying clothes. Thank god! There’s too many cute things out there that would hurt my bank balance…

  22. Sunshine Dad | Mike Smith

    You and Ted make quite the duo! The picture of the two of you together is a great one! Ted’s Threads has a really nice ring to it. Great name, keep up the good work. #BigFatLinky

  23. John Adams

    Ted does indeed lok very cool. We, Al, will have to have words. I am going to have to take you shopping because no man should rely on his wife to dress him.

  24. International Elf Service

    Ha ha – LOVE the title ‘Ted’s Threads’. Very cool and a very cool dude he is too. Gorgeous eyes! How fab that he has his own fashion shoots to save us all from trawling through endless shops. Great idea!

  25. christina

    Seriously adorable baby. What a great idea, and think of all the photographs you will have of him! Very often as we grow, the pictures become fewer, this is a win-win! My favorite is the one with you, I love how happy you both look :)

  26. Adrian

    Idea for a regular feature – expect it to be emulated! I like the robot one from Gap. Ted seems to taken to modelling like a natural. Looking forward to the next installment.

    • Al Ferguson

      Thanks Adrian. He loves to be in front of the camera. A bloggers baby eh! Thanks for reading :)

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you and thank you :)

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