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Ted’s Threads Issue #10

Welcome to Ted’s Threads. A look inside Ted’s wardrobe to see what he has been wearing over the past couple of weeks. We’ve managed to find not only some stunning clothes but also some new brands that we are sure you’ll want to check out for yourselves.

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We’ve always loved stripes on Ted and this light grey organic cotton set from Gap is such a favourite that we bought it in 3 different sizes! You’ll be hard pushed to find a softer cotton and that chest pocket is just too cute! Although i’m not sure what he’d use it for. Raisins?

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We were so pleased to find this new company – Honey and Archie. We love Ted to wear clothes that look good but feel great and these unisex cotton leggings tick both boxes. A stylish look for a stylish boy! Such a great price too!

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Ted has worn Panda and the Sparrow clothes since birth and he will be wearing them until they no longer make his size! They are made of Bamboo cotton which is an incredible fabric. It keeps baby cool in summer and warm as the nights get colder. Also due to its high absorbency it can carry the scent of Mum or Dad as an extra comfort. You can learn more about Bamboo here.

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We found Rock It Tots a while ago. We love them because all of their items are handmade in the UK.  The made some quirky tees and baby grows and recently they started a new leggings range. Here Ted wears the charcoal arrow print but be warned – we loved the range of designs and so much we couldn’t decide on just one and had to purchase a few! These leggings have a super soft stretchy waistband – perfect for Ted’s tummy! The t-shirt is also from Rock It Tots. I have called Ted ‘Bear’ since the day he was born so this Tee was a must-have. This is one of my all time favourite outfits. He looks great but is so comfortable at the same time.

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Autumn is upon us which means it’s time to get out the knits. I love the traditional look of this hooded shawl cardigan form Toffee Moon. Its super soft and ties from the inside. They sell a matching scarf which will be great as it gets colder too.

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These blue suede shoes from Alexandros Baby & Kids are gorgeous. They are so soft and beautifully made. Alexandros state ‘Precious toes deserve precious shoes’ and these are certainly that.  A definite keep sake too.

All of our photos are taken from our Instagram account. You can see lots more outfits and accessories on there if you like Ted’s style. Which is your favourite brand at the moment and why?


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