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Ted’s Threads Issue 11 – A Dad’s Guide to Baby Fashion & WIN Baby Clothes & £20 Voucher

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 13/10/2015

Welcome back to another issue of Ted’s Threads. The change of seasons has brought on a change of wardrobe for the boy. Well, basically he now has a new  jacket! Anyway, rather than just show you all Ted’s clothes and point you in the direction of where you can find them for yourself, I thought I’d start sharing some of my hints and tips that I have picked up along my journey into the world of baby fashion. Every issue, I’ll share a few little tips that will help any dads reading and maybe even some of you mums! (I know Ted’s Threads is especially popular with the mums!)

Tip 1.

The first thing I ever learnt about dressing a baby is the 3 colour rule. Only use 3 colours. Keeping it simple!

Tip 2.

As a general rule don’t mix patterns. (although sometimes clashing is purposeful and works!)

Tip 3.

Comfort is paramount. Imagine being dressed in a pair of rough, crispy jeans, with a belt and hat that’s too tight. Your baby will tell you when they’re uncomfortable but try and avoid it altogether. Even if it does look ‘cutsey’! Put the material against your skin and decide if it’s something you’d like to wear all day.

Ok, so let’s check out Ted’s latest set of threads.

Hugo Ouigo

Hugo Ouigo is a gorgeous new company that we’ve just discovered and we are very happy that we have.  They offer personalised clothing gifts for baby and toddler. How often do you hear ‘Oh he’s got Daddy’s eyes” “Ah look, he smiles just like Mummy”? Well now your baby can wear their very own recipe! Take a look at Ted’s. His recipe says, “a dash of daddy’s eyes, a sprinkle of mummy’s smile and lashings of love. Baked for 9 months.” We had a great time choosing what we wanted to include in his recipe and think it’s such a sweet idea. You can have it read anything you want and the website offers lots of options if you need a helping hand.  The great news – we’re actually giving away 1 baby grow in this issues competition. Keep reading for more details.


This gorgeous Joules, quilted jacket was a gift from Ted’s god parents. Doesn’t he look dapper! He always gets so many compliments on this coat and its the perfect warmth for the Autumn weather. The leggings are from Rock It Tots, one of our favourite brands around and have little milk bottles on. Monochrome is a popular colour scheme at the moment and is helpful for me because most things can go with it!

Leshy Lamb

Ted’s showing off these Leshy Lamb leggings and matching snood dribble bib. Another new brand we have recently discovered and love. This is his first matching set like this and I’m really keen on it because combine it with a simple and very cheap white Tee and it looks fantastic. The snood is just the cutest thing you’ll ever see and the leggings are a great fit and super soft. We will be keen Leshy Lamb customers from here on in.

Panda and the sparrow

We love a bit of Panda and the Sparrow and Ted has worn their clothing since birth. This is Ted’s Pj top. It’s made from bamboo cotton and it’s so nice to snug down at night in. I’d like an adult sized one for me! Hint ;)


More pyjamas here. Red stripes and a skull and cross bones! Sounds about right for Ted’s behaviour at the moment! More suited to summer, but lovely all the same. They’re so freeing and comfortable for Ted to wear, it’s nice when he’s just playing in the house and having a much deserved down time day.

Plain Lazy Baby

Well, it is the Rugby World Cup at the moment! Here Ted’s getting confused between tennis and rugger but having a grand old time all the same! He loves a good run around and it won’t long before he can drop kick! Plain Lazy make this T-shirt and others just like it. Worth checking out for sure.


This is Ted’s ‘Daddy is a Blogger’ t-shirt from Gorgeous Little George. It also featured in the last issue but come on, Daddy is a blogger and it is one of my favourite items! He’s wearing his new hareem pants from Shmuncki. Hareem pants are so good for babies and toddlers because the nappy fits in perfectly and gives them room to run around and play.He’s a perfect example of why I love monochrome. It just works so well.


Hand’s up if you want to bust some ghosts! The next part to our giveaway is this baby grow! Just in time for Halloween! A ghostbusters baby grow is surely the best ‘costume’ your baby could wear! Supernatural Collections specialise in black baby clothing and it’s all organic cotton. I love this baby grow and it was a big hit with the dad’s in The Dad Network.

Toffee moon

I love this photograph. When Ted isn’t playing tennis or rugby, he is partial to a spot of cricket. :) This cricket jumper from Toffee Moon is really gorgeous and beautifully made. It’s a thick knit that washes really well and will last the toddler test. He looks so smart yet is still so comfortable. I think it really suits him.


This T-shirt from Sidneyboo is just so cool. I love the simplicity of it and being black makes it easy to match to almost anything. It’s got shoulder poppers making it easy to get on and off a wriggling toddler which is always a bonus. It’s 100% organic cotton too. Be warned though. If you visit their website you won’t be able to avoid a very large shopping basket. Their range is seriously awesome. Ted is also wearing his first pompom beanie. No word of a lie, he was stopped 3 times in less than 1 hour at the park to talk about this hat! It is quite something special. It’s from RyderL and they offer a mix and match service so you can choose the beanie colour and then the pompom colour. Great idea. We will be getting a few to mix and match with his favourite outfits for sure.


There’s just a few of the outfits Ted has been wearing. You can see more of our favourite on our Instagram page.

Giveaway time!

This issue we’re giving you the chance to win the Supernatural Collections Ghostbusters baby grow, the personalised Hugo Ouigo recipe baby grow and a £20 voucher to spend at Sidneyboo! Not bad eh! If I could enter myself I would. 3 great brands selling gorgeous baby clothes that come highly recommended but me and Teddy. All you have to do to enter is fill out the form below. Good luck!

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  1. Maria Hackett

    twin babies due on Christmas day and so would love to win this please xx

  2. lindsay chadburn

    amazing giveaway

    • Al Ferguson

      Thank you. WE run a lot of clothing giveaways so please do keep an eye out :)

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