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Teds Threads Issue No. 12 PLUS Discount Codes

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By Al Ferguson

Al Ferguson is the CEO and founder of The Dadsnet.

Published on 08/11/2015

I know it’s cliche to say but I’ve suddenly turned around and Teddy has gone from a baby to a walking, talking Toddler. All of a sudden he’s become a big boy and as sad as that makes me feel in one sense, it is wonderful to watch in another. As Ted becomes increasingly active and ever older, his clothes have had to change to suit his new stage. I would always recommend making sure that when your baby is active, and Ted is REALLY active, find clothes that allow them to move freely.

As always we have searched the internet for the best clothes around and here’s this week’s Ted’s Threads to show you what we have found.

Toffee Moon

One of our favourite babygrows is from Toffee Moon. This Stargazer Playsuit is perfect for bedtime and is ridiculously soft. It’s made of luxury velvet touch cotton jersey and Ted must feel so comfortable and snug in it. I love it because it looks like it’s button up with the button detailing down the front but it’s actually concealed poppers for easy dressing and changing. Winner! Toffee Moon are offering 25% off until 31st December for Ted’s Threads readers too. Just use this code at checkout: VIPTED

Toffee moon 2

Every week Ted spends the day in his Great Grandpa’s care home. He loves to visit all of the residents and they love to spend time with him. We have to make sure he’s always looking his best on these days! Following suit he is wearing a Toffee Moon rugby top, again made from the incredibly soft cotton jersey. The collar is woven so isn’t stiff on his neck. Don’t forget, Toffee Moon are offering 25% off until 31st December for Ted’s Threads readers too. Just use this code at checkout: VIPTED


We were so pleased to find My Baby’s Name is at The Baby Show last month. They follow ECO sourcing guidelines and each sleep suit is custom-dyed in a range of bright and beautiful colours. It was hard to pick a favourite but we opted for the grey. It’s beautifully made and feels like a luxury sleeping bag. Just what Teddy needs for a good night’s sleep.


This is one of my all time favourites ever! What better baby grow for a boy called Teddy than this. Sidneyboo stock many fantastic brands including Picnik Barcelona who make this gorgeous green bear face baby romper. It’s easy to get off and on with the fold over neckline and full popper opening between the legs. It’s made from 100% cotton. Sadly this only goes up to size 1 year else we’d have Teddy wearing it for years to come! Sidneyboo are offering 20% off the AW15 collections as well. Simply use this promo code at checkout: DADN20


Twinning! This is one of our most popular Instagram shots. This matching Moccs are from Moccis, another company that we discovered at The Baby Show. They have so many designs to choose from and lots of designs that can be matched for child and adult. Ted and I love wearing ours around the house now that the weather has got a bit cooler. Only one problem, we forgot to get a pair for Mummy. Christmas present idea?


I love being outdoors. Rain or shine, wind or snow I like to be out and about and luckily for me it seems that Ted is the same. Whilst Mummy likes to stay indoors in the warm we like to be out exploring. As any good explorer knows, the right kit is vital. So we have stored up on lovely snug, warm winter outdoor clothing for Ted. Here he is wearing a fleece and gilet from Little Chickie. Both are super soft and aren’t too bulky that they restrict movement. Obviously stripes are always a winner too. ‘Little Chickie are offering 20% off all Gifts and Toys with promo code GIFT20.’


Watch out, Batman is about! I hold my hands up, I rarely use a bib with Ted and ultimately he needs an outfit change after most meals I give him. But… when the bib can become part of the outfit and is actually a sensible size for a toddler then I’m sold. We love these bibs from KosyBaby who make a wide selection of drool proof bandana bibs in great colours and patterns. They use modern designs on organic cotton and all bibs are  screen printed. Ted has quite a selection already but we will be going back for more. Especially as I’ve seen they have a cloud version. The Mrs loves a cloud!

KosyBaby have been kind enough to offer all Ted’s Threads readers a 10% discount with the code ted10.


Ted has worn a few of these My Little Duckling hats now and every time he wears it he gets so many compliments when he’s out. The hats are super soft as well as super cool and they fit snuggly to his head to keep him warm. The fact they cover the ears is great too. My Little Duckling were at The Baby Show this year and had one of the busiest stands around, showing what a popular product they have created.

Born Free

Hands up if you love Skating Sloth. Ted does and so do we. This set is from a company that we have recently discovered called Born Free & Me. I love the matching leggings/bib combo idea. All items are designed and made in the UK, are made from 100% cotton interlock jersey fabric and have the right amount of stretch for a Teddy toddler on the go. Born Free & Me currently stock 2 designs; Skating sloth and Flamingo Friends. They are currently offering The Dad Network readers a 20% discount. All you have to do is enter the code DADNETWORK20% at checkout.


Now this photo really does show how grown up Teddy has become. Bobux shoes were the first shoes Teddy ever wore and we are big Bobux fans. We saw them at The Baby Show last month and knew we had to get these boots for Teddy. (Along with another blue pair too!!) I find getting shoes on a wriggly toddler quite difficult but these boots fit go on really easily. They have a side zip and fit really well. The perfect boots for winter.


Do you have any favourite clothing brands? Are there any we should check out?

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If you would like to feature in Ted’s Threads, get in touch here.



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  1. Jenni

    Ooh some new brands for me to check out here, thank you. Ted looks adorable #TT_Thursday

  2. Rebecca U

    My daughter has had Bobux shoes before but those boots just look so cute, really like them #thelist

  3. Sarah Cantwell

    Aw I love Ted’s outfits! Especially the sloth leggings and his batman outfit. What a cutie! Im a big fan of monochrome xx

  4. Ky

    Aww I love Teds Threads, the batman outfit is awesome. The sloth leggings are fab as well. I know exactly what you mean about needing clothes that allow them to move freely. Clem is super active as well so dresses and skirts aren’t ideal for her, she pretty much lives in leggings. #TT_thursday

    • Al Ferguson

      I see a lot of toddler girls being limited by their dresses in the soft play. Think leggings are perfect. :)

  5. ClearlyBex

    They are all fab outfits, we are massive fan of Bobux shoes and we are loving seeing you both rock your Moccis! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  6. Kat @ Eat.Love.Live

    Wow! What a well dressed toddler! I love that this post is so packed with outfits, I can’t even pick a fave! I do love the mocs! Heading over there now to have a look :) #weekendministyle

    • Al Ferguson

      Ah thank you. I didn’t think I would be as in to his clothing as I am. Just love him being in comfortable but cool clothes :) Thank you :)

  7. MotherGeek

    OMG I love the twinning Moccis & the Pilot hat!! Where’s the Moccis discount code? Syd and I would totally rock matching Moccis on Christmas eve!! #TT_Thursday

    • Al Ferguson

      We love twinning! I’ll ask Moccis about a code. We are def getting some more for over xmas :)

  8. Hannah | MakeDo&Push

    That romper from SidneyBoo is AMAZING!!! We love Bobux shoes – they’re so beautifully made :) xx #FunkyKidFriday

    • Al Ferguson

      Isn’t it. Wish he had the next size up too! Ted lives in Bobux at the moment. Thanks for your comment :)

  9. This Mama Life

    Oh my goodness me the sloth leggings are definitely my favourite!! How amazing are they? We’ve missed you on Weekend Mini Style. Love seeing all Ted’s outfits again. He has some seriously awesome little clothes! Thanks for linking up with us :) #weekendministyle

    • Al Ferguson

      Think I missed replying to this one. Apologies. Ah thank you. I’ll try and keep up with you all a little better :) Thanks for having us over on #weekendministyle

  10. dan

    I WANT NEED the sloth leggings but the code seems to have expired!? anyone help me?

    • Al Ferguson

      Sorry Dan, the codes generally only last for the first couple of weeks of the promotion. We write Ted’s Threads regularly so hopefully you’ll see the codes in time in the future editions :) Or you could sign up to the newsletter and then you’d never miss a Ted’s Threads :)

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