Text Messages to send to your stressed partner

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When you have been with your partner for a while, you will definitely have a load of go-to things to help your partner relax when they are feeling stressed or burnt out.

Maybe you whisk your kids off to the swimming pool or cinema so they can have a few hours alone.  Or maybe you have a romantic dinner, and then you massage their back while she watches Love Island.

One great idea can be a simple text message. While the idea of sending a text message can feel a bit lazy, it actually can do a lot of good in the moment.  A message of love and support can cut through the noise that happens when your partner is really stressed.

When sending a supportive text message, it has to be part of a strategy.  What sort of texts should you be sending?  Hee are some ideas you can be sending to your wife or husband when they are a bit overwhelmed.

1. “How does take-away and a movie sound?”

Whatever your partner likes, a simple offer of a relaxing activity and a meal that you don’t need to cook reminds them that they are worth it.  Making a choice for them and suggesting specific activity takes away from the descision fatigue that can add to your partners mental drain.  By texting this, you are only requiring a two word response which will either be, “sounds great” or “Not tonight.” Send this text and hope that your partner says that they want Dominos and Dave Chapelle.

2. “Hi, here’s your daily reminder that you are killing it in everything you do.”

When someone is stressted, they often forget about all the other accomplishements that they actually acheive.  A simple message out of the blue can help them to remember that they have accomplished do much.  It iwll help them to remember the more important pasts of life, and to ignore the losses in favour of the wins.

3. “I appreciate you and everything you do.”

Make sure your partner knows how much you appretiate them, and when they are stressed it is even more important to do so.  Very often stress builds up when one feels unacknowledged or unappreciated.  By sending them a quick text with words of appreciation, it helps to remind your partner that you acknowledge their hard work.  Make sure to be specific.  Maybe you love how they will take the rubbish out, or empty the dishwasher quickly.  Just make sure they feel heard and appreciated.


4. “This weekend, let’s…”

Making plans for the weekend can keep someone energised and focused on the goal.  Think about something your partner loves, and makes them excited. This could be going to the beach, a trip to her favourite restaurant, or even just a casual stroll through the local woods.  By suggesting a specific thing your partner already enjoys is a wonderful way to give them something to look forward to and show them that you care.  Make sure you have everything planned and arrange the whole experience so they can sit back and relax.

5. “You’re capable of dealing with this.”

Sometimes it’s just good to reaffirm your partner of their capability to handle the mounting stress. By texting them this, you are showing your partner that you love them and are there to encourage them.  It highlights that you are both there to support each other.

6. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

Often when someone is stressed they won’t want to talk and feel alone.  It is important to let your partner know that they can tell you what is on there mind, even if this means screaming and shouting!  Your partner is in need of a friend, and you are the one who is there to step up and fill that space.  You need to make sure that you are prepared for them to express anything freely without interruption.

7. “Ask me for help.”

Reminding someone that you are eager to help them is a straightforward approach to helping them cope with stress.  The biggest problem when it comes to problem solving is believing that only you can solve your dilemma.  By showing your partner that you can help shows a lot of acceptance and love on your side.

8. “I am here for you.”

If you know your partner is going through a rough time, offering yourself in the form of advice, a friendly ear, or providing the personal space they need, tells your partner that they are not alone. Very often when you feel stressed an overwhelmed, we want to curl up, but what we really need is a human hand to help us through our difficulties.  Make sure you tell your partner that you’re there for them and make sure they know

9. “This f***ing sucks.”

A rather rude text message lets them know that you are empathising with their struggle.  While it might only be in spirit, it reminds your partner that you are on this journey together, and that you are in the position to help empathise with them.

10. If all else fails, send a gif

A funny gif can brighten anyone’s day.

What are your best text messages to send to your partner?   Let us know in the comment section below!

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