Thank You For Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding has hit the headlines… again. I’m sure many of you saw that recently women were protesting outside Claridges after a  woman breastfeeding her baby was asked to cover up. There seems to be 2 camps at play here: People who think women who breastfeed should stay in doors for 6 months and people who think women should be able to breastfeed wherever they like.

Although these stories appear in the news more and more it seems as though breastfeeding is actually on the decline. Whether this is down to difficulties feeding or the pressure of feeding in public, I don’t know. But the truth is, that in today’s society, formula milk is pretty good! In fact, it’s very good; thousands of babies are bottle fed and get through life just fine. Perhaps this makes parents’ decision to bottle feed a little easier.

For us however, we believe that breast IS best because is purpose built and designed to meet all your baby’s dietary needs. Who are we to fight the force of nature doing it’s thing?!

With this wonderful thing though comes difficulties. Breastfeeding is not easy; not that I have tried it personally. (Well, I did once, but it didn’t end well!) Along with the sleep deprivation all new parents suffer with, breastfeeding can present added strain and stress on a mum and so I felt it more than necessary to express my thanks to my wife. I love that she breastfeeds, I’m proud that she breastfeeds and I want her to breastfeed… and she does. Thank you for breastfeeding.

# Thank you for repeatedly getting up throughout the night to breastfeed.

#Thank you for breastfeeding in front of those teenage boys on the train when he was desperate for food.

#Thank you for wearing hideously unattractive bra’s because you have to.

#Thank you for continuing to feed even when it was painful.

#Thank you for breastfeeding in public despite people’s ‘looks.’

#Thank you for not caring when your top is soaked through.

#Thank you for making sure you eat healthily so your milk is healthy.

#Thank you for giving up drinking alcohol.

#Thank you for saying “no” to going out with your friends, even though you really want to, in order to feed.

#Thank you for sticking with it.


Above all though, thank you for giving my son the best start to his life possible. As soon as it’s time to introduce him to meat, I’ll take over.

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  1. Tinuke

    What a lovely post, it’s brilliant and so heartening to see that the efforts are acknowledged as sometimes it is just bloody hard! Happy National Breastfeeding Week xx

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