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The anti-vax (anti-intellect) movement.


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Published on 19/01/2019

You’d have to have been living under a sterile pathogen-free rock to not have heard about the anti-vaccine movement taking its toll on population, health and intellect over the last few years. It’s getting worse thanks to celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy (yup), Charlie Sheen (to be fair he needs the space to make room for other drugs), and Donald Trump (just…don’t).

For some reason, their celebrity status gives them more credibility to make people’s parenting decisions for them on life-changing and life-threatening issues. For all our achievements, humans can be pretty stupid at times. We live in a time that needs safety labels such as “Don’t drink the battery acid” and “Don’t bite the tyres when the vehicle is moving”, but “don’t let your kids get deadly but avoidable diseases” is taking the piss. 

Vaccinations have eradicated diseases like smallpox in the past and they were well on their way to eradicating others but this homicidal anti-vax movement has put an end to that. Ask any anti-vax person at random and they’ll stand tall, chest out, head high and shout “well…autism! It causes autism!” with that omniscient and irritating tone of the ignorant. Ask them for evidence and you’ll get an anecdote of someone they either know or know of. They’re the same flavour of weird as flat-earthers but please, let’s not go there just yet.

Someone on Twitter once said to me “I don’t need to pump poison into my kid for them to be immune, we have herd immunity”.


Herd immunity is the resistance of a disease due to the overwhelming majority of the population being immune. It’s less effective if there’s a dickhead taking one away from the immune figure. What’s worse is that there are children that can’t be vaccinated due to allergies and autoimmune diseases, these are victims of the anti-vax movement too.

Get your kids vaccinated if you don’t want their toddler-tantrums to be classed as a mid-life crisis. 

It baffles me that this is still an argument to be had when there are chemicals like dihydrogen monoxide in our water supplies – a chemical responsible for thousands of deaths each year, it erodes landscapes, causes fires, swells the brain. But yes, vaccines are the issue.


Disclaimer: This article is the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of TheDadsnet

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  1. Dominic Hayhoe

    Pretty strong stuff Mark, perhaps you could let us know why you’re qualified to say those people anti vaccines are all dick heads who ALL claim it causes autism.

    Personally, you come across as someone who’s very angry that some people don’t support your opinion, rather than someone who’s educated and thoroughly researched your topic, but that may just be the way you’ve written your article.

    • Mark Thomas

      This is opinion, it’s all opinion (apart from the obvious). They don’t all claim it causes autism, another common argument is to list the ingredients of a vaccine and the side effects of every chemical in them.

      “Very angry” is an overshot I feel, but I do resent the anti-vax movement. I see them in the same way I see people who would refuse a child a blood transfusion on religious grounds.

    • Danny

      Let’s for a second assume everyone who was ever vaccinated ‘caught’ autism…

      Are you really saying autism is better than death by polio, or measles? Perhaps one would prefer one’s child’s to spend a lifetime in iron lungs?

      Don’t be ridiculous; vaccinate your kids.

  2. Danny

    Dominic, his voice echoes mine, the father of a cancer child who needs that herd immunity to increase his already reduced chance to stay alive and for every anti-vax person there’s an average of 2 children putting our son at risk.

  3. Dominic Hayhoe

    You rewrote your post after my comments.

    I just didn’t think claiming ALL anti-vaxxers were dickheads who ALL claimed it causes autism was helping your campaign nee article.

    I think it reads much better now.

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