The Baby Show 2015 - NEC, IMG 5977 0%, new-dad%

The Baby Show 2015 – NEC

 The Baby Show 2015 - NEC, IMG 5977%, new-dad% 
That’s right, I enjoyed the drive into the northern territories of England to immerse myself in the world of baby products, pregnant women and dads.

This weekend I went up to The Baby Show in Birmingham. I’ve been the official blogger for The Baby Show for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it. Not only do I get to write for a different audience over on their website, but I also get the privilege of attending the show and meeting many new people; all of whom are great.

It was lovely to see so many independent companies showing off their latest wares. I met companies who have been running for 2 months and companies who have attended the show for the last 14 years. The vast array of sellers is what makes this show like none other; that and the fact they had a giant Peppa Pig wandering around!

I am a huge fan of independent retailers, but it was great to see some of the big guns present in force too. Stokke, Tommee Tippee, iCandy and many more were unveiling the various latest collections in their armoury. The iCandy fashion show was sassy as ever and Stokke had a giant table and chairs which made me feel even shorter than I feel usually. (5 ft 9 and 14/16 and proud!)

Along side all of this, there were antenatal classes for dads, advice on getting your baby to sleep, info on baby first aid and dance sessions for babies. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s on offer.

For the last show I wrote a lengthy post and so for this one, I thought I’d put my vlogging skills to the test, what with us diving into the world of vlogging recently, and create a short video about the show. What I hoped to capture was not just the brilliant array of sellers, but also some of the other components that all add up to make this show so good. I hope you enjoy it!


I had a great time at the show and can’t wait for the Olympia Show later in the year. Will you be there to pick up some great bargains?

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